'Final Fantasy XIII Screens

FF XIII provides tangible, intuitive controls while delivering seamless transitions between real-time gameplay and stunning in-game cinematics. The latest in cutting-edge technology has been utilized in development of Final Fantasy XIII, thus making this newest addition to the Final Fantasy series worthy of the title next generation.

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calderra5238d ago

Too bad the developers already admitted that they're still in the early process of bulding the graphical engine they'll someday use to make this game, thus proving that the original e3 "gameplay" material was a complete fabrication, as the graphical engine HADN'T EVEN ENTERED THE CODING PHASE YET BACK AT E3!

And unless they've completely coded their entire graphical engine and made these "screens" since (October?), these screens are also complete fabrications.

xfrgtr5238d ago (Edited 5238d ago )

Don't be jealous and stop lying,this game is gorgeous.Obviously youre a 360 fanboy who is crying

specialguest5238d ago (Edited 5238d ago )

i thought i was the only one who knew the same facts you've stated. yeah, you're absolutely correct. also, they've admitted that not all of those screens which is apart of the trailer is ingame. this for example is admittedly CG: (if link doesn't work then it's the 4th column and 4th row image)

so PS3 fans or FF fans(which i am one), don't get too excited about these screens.

THE TRUTH5238d ago

ignorance! Gamers please!!! Now your going to doubt square? One of the best and most talented group of developers of all time? Give it a damn rest and open your eyes!

Have you not played FF12? KH2?

After seeing squares body of work through out the history of video games, I find it very hard to sit here and have anything bad to say about square and the potential of FF13 based off the heresay of fanboys! Open your eyes, The white engine is a monster and FF13 will be a huge success. Don't hate just enjoy games and give credit where its due!

DJ5238d ago

has a 3 page article on FF XIII, and clearly states that both the FF7-remake and a majority of the FFXIII trailer were realtime/gameplay. In fact, anyone who doubts the gameplay footage of FFXIII shown at E3 (in spite of the user interface and various giveaways) is either in denial or lying out of desperation.

"For Final Fantasy XIII, we wanted to showcase the power of the White Engine by displaying how far our graphics have evolved. Some elements of the trailer were CG, but the bulk of it was real-time graphics being powered by the White Engine.

The fact that people have a hard time telling the difference makes us proud in that we've created a system that can produce graphics on par with CG. In the end, we feel that it's possible to create real-time graphics that are on par with our trademark CG."
-Kakuko Obinata, Square-Enix

It's important to understand that game engines aren't stationary. They continue to be worked on even while the game is in development, so it's obvious that the team is going to continue pushing the PS3 harder and harder.

likeaboss3025238d ago

I can see the difference in the screen shots between those taken from the CG portion and real-time. Looking at the hair tips me off pretty quickly. Regardless it looks great all around. This is coming from a wii60/former PS3 owner*.

*Don't worry Sony fan boys I'll be getting a PS3 again when some more games come out. Just can't justify that kind of coin for Resistance.

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