Games of 2007: Xbox 360

2007 will bring a slew of great titles to Xbox 360, but is Microsoft doing all that it can to expand its audience beyond the core gamer? Next-Gen takes a look at some of the console's most anticpated '07 titles...

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THAMMER15246d ago

"In sum, from a gamer’s standpoint, yes, 2007 will be a great year for the Xbox 360."

"Microsoft will have to do something fundamentally different to appeal to the non-traditional gamer if it seriously wants to capture that market."

"A lot of these games will appear on other systems, but as with other multiplatform titles, the Xbox Live experience has the most potential in setting these titles apart from other versions."

"Microsoft's not flying solo anymore and the Xbox 360 is no longer the cool new thing, so it’s up to some key exclusive software and Xbox Live-tailored multi-platform titles to make the console more appealing than the Blu-ray-enabled PS3 and motion-centric Wii."

The best here.
"An intriguing setting, strong developer background, cutting-edge tech and a mysterious protagonist have gamers anticipating another Ubisoft title, Assassin’s Creed (2007). Originally announced only for PS3, Ubisoft recently confirmed that the game’s also heading to Microsoft’s concave box. With the team behind the stellar Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time working on the title, we only expect great things from Assassin’s Creed."

"Resident Evil 5 may not make it out by the time the big, lighted ball drops on 2007, but if it does, the franchise’s huge, loyal fan base (and hopefully some RE noobs) will pick it up. Resident Evil 4, released for GameCube and PS2, has sold over 3 million copies total. With RE5 slated for simultaneous release on Xbox 360 and PS3, the series has always fit with both Western and Asian audiences and will play host to millions of zombie-killing sessions."

2007 will be one of the best years to be a 360 owner.

DC RID3R5246d ago

god-willing, 07 will be one of the greatest gaming years 3v3r bro!

GAMER_4_Life5246d ago

Now thats what I call GAMES
Nice job OutLaw

beans5246d ago

I love my 360 and 2007 will be a great year for it but 2008 and 09 are going to be even better as far what games we get for it! I could care less if MS comes out on top this generation because they are focused on one thing and that's games! I don't know about anybody else here but the other 2 consoles don't really have much out or on the way to really catch my attention!

Microsoft Master5246d ago

What a list. 2007 is going to be THE year to own xbox 360! Mass Effect, Forza Motorsport 2, Overlord and Fable 2 are amongst my favourites. Personally i think Halo 3 will slip to Q1 2008...remember how many times Halo 2 was delayed?

THAMMER15246d ago

If they push Halo3 past 11/2007 I'll be more pissed and bitter than a PS3 fan boy.

Grown Folks Talk5246d ago

think it will be their traditional november release.

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