Amazon Playstation VR Pre-Orders Go Live Tomorrow, Large Demand Expected With Limited Stock

ThisGenGaming "Many customers have been told that Amazon will be putting pre-orders up tomorrow, specifically Amazon UK who have actually given a time for when they will be going live."

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Thatguy-3101582d ago

Im getting it!!!! Hopefully it doesn't go up over night.

crazychris41241582d ago

Dont leave your computer until you pre order it, problem solved lol

Nitrowolf21582d ago

That's what I'm afraid of, waking up and they're all gone cause they went live at some random time

WrestlingNewsFan1582d ago

Hope there is enough stock for everyone. At least Amazon are offering "one per customer" so the awful scalpers won't buy them all.

WeAreLegion1582d ago

Well...per account. They'll find a way.

Ashunderfire861582d ago

O Scalpers will always find a way hehe! Before you know it is an Ebay $1000 dollar VR headset lol! Then there are those whole sellers that been getting many copies of video games and electronics selling from cheap to crazy high prices. Ebay is full of scalpers that would love to sell this.

Tripl3seis1582d ago

Im so in on this day one cant wait!!!

hirobrotagonist1582d ago

This is so far away. Is it really going to sell out? Seriously more than 7 months away...

Scatpants1582d ago

Oculus shipping was 3 months out on the second day of preorders being open. I imagine this will be even more of a fast seller with the cheaper price. There may be more of these available though.

hirobrotagonist1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

exactly, I would be shocked if a company as big and dedicated to their console as sony, would have a lot of trouble having ample stock ready. They're basically failing in almost every category aside from their console and tvs, which they are definitely kicking ass at. Psvr looks awesome, and it going to provide a lower level entry for enthusiasts and end customers wanted to try VR, but with the reduced specs from oculus and htv vive (aside from the upscaled refresh rate)I'm not sure about how great the price is if you include the necessary camera and move controllers, which almost no one already owns. Yeah I realize the move controllers aren't going to be necessary for ever game.

With the additional controller and camera bundle this thing is going to be priced just under the oculus rift, but with a lesser FOV and hardware. All these things being true (which they all are) I'll still be getting the PSVR :)

NerveGearneeded1581d ago

have ps4. psvr $400, dont have move controllers $30-50 each. dont have camera $40-60. shit..