PlayStation VR Expected To Outsell Oculus Rift And HTC Vive, But Did Sony Make A Mistake?

INQ: Sony announced the price and release date of the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset Tuesday at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The company is giving its new device a leg up on competitors Oculus Rift and HTC Vive thanks to a relatively consumer friendly price. Did Sony slip though by not including needed accessories with the base bundle though?

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MCTJim974d ago

I think it was more of a we are cheaper than the other two price to get the hype moving. I dont own the camera or the move controllers, nor a cheap headset. I am going to buy the mentioned items, but I will try the headset before I buy it.

Eonjay974d ago

No. They didn't mess up. It is obviously part of their plan to bankroll VR. They are a corporation and they are focused on money. But I still foresee such a bundle in the future.

vanity29973d ago

Already leaked/announced. At least for NA.

Eonjay973d ago

Yup. Thanks for the correction.

Thatguy-310974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

It's a bummer because the camera should be included but I'm pretty sure they'll make a bundle with it. I'm set though with a camera and my old move controls :D psyched to get my hands on it!!! The good thing is that people that don't have the items can start investing into it early since the camera and move are available

Majin-vegeta974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

Sony may not bundle it....yet But i can see retail era doing it like GS,BB etc...

KwietStorm973d ago

Sony has an official bundle too. They just haven't stated the price. I'm just hoping that patent with the "glove" turns into something. I don't want to use the Move. Minority Report style gloves is much more natural.

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The story is too old to be commented.