PlayStation VR price point puts Sony in the virtual reality driving seat

Sony's PlayStation VR always appeared to be the safest bet for premium virtual reality success in 2016, and the first pricing details firmly support that idea. Sony may have been a little misleading about how much using the device will cost players during their announcement event, but the tech firm is still firmly in the industry driving seat.

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Walker1578d ago

I'll go put down on a preorder when GameStop has it up

AgentSmithPS41578d ago

Is it likely some stores will have better bundles than others? I'm looking for PSVR with the cam, and Move at the least. Maybe headphones if it's necessary to get the best out of the 3D audio.

Pandamobile1578d ago

You're aware that they're competing in completely different spaces, right?

It's not like PlayStation gamers actually have a choice in what HMD they can use. The console VR market is Sony's for the taking, but PC VR is going to be just fine.

whothedog1578d ago

I am more interested in the Vive over Oculus, I really like that tech demo for portal they put out

ForzaGT1578d ago

I believe so, PS VR seems the complete package

Rookie_Monster1578d ago ShowReplies(2)
WackoDaSniper1578d ago

Can't wait to play normal games like Rainbow Six and others in cinematic mode then Driveclub in VR!

DragonDDark1578d ago

Cinematic mode will be like you're sitting in a room... but the zoom in option is what made me curious.. MUST SEE!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.