Guerrilla's PlayStation VR Exclusive RIGS: Mechanized Combat League Gets New Screenshots and Trailer

Sony Computer Entertainment released a press kit for RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, in development at Guerrilla Cambridge exclusively for PlayStation VR.

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Zero_Suit_Samus1581d ago

This will be the Call of Duty of VR games.

Abriael1581d ago

I don't know about call of duty, but it's definitely what sold me on PS VR.

DragonDDark1581d ago

Human Rocket league....

Bad Description? lol

rainslacker1581d ago

Is it just me or do the graphics look much better than the earlier demos. Graphics in this seem pretty good, around PS3 level, whereas a lot of games I've seen before yesterday made them seem more on an mid-tier indie level.

AgentSmithPS41581d ago

Do you think this game will be what they use to demo PSVR at local stores or could they put more than one in the same unit?

ArchangelMike1581d ago

This and Eve:Valkyrie will be to goto multiplayer games for VR. Until Star Wars Battlefront VR that is!

gangsta_red1581d ago

I can see the chiropractor business booming!

iceman061581d ago

and the optometrist!?! LOL

kraenk121581d ago

Moving your lazy bum a little from time to time could benefit even you my friend.

gangsta_red1580d ago

Uuuhhh..yea...thanks for stopping by.

WeAreLegion1581d ago

So excited for this.

Where's the conversation about Tumble VR?

kenwonobi1581d ago

The more I see this game the more fun it looks.

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