Stop Complaining About the Price of No Man's Sky

The price of No Man's Sky was announced recently and it seems like most of the people on the internet weren't too pleased with it. Harry from Pixel Cheat shares his thoughts on the matter.

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ArchangelMike1576d ago

Too right. I'm sure you've all spent more money on lesser things.

G20WLY1576d ago

Exactly! The article says of NMS price, "seems like most of the people on the internet weren't too pleased with it", which is nonsense, it was just a vocal minority trying to take the shine off of something new. It's what they always do and it makes bugger all difference to the normal people enjoying the hell out of it.

Perjoss1576d ago

Spent more than this on a lap dance to be honest.

Jmanzare1575d ago

I think you got ripped off

3-4-51576d ago

This isn't a 2 hour 2D platformer made by 5 people.

This is a full game. Just because they don't belong to EA or another 3rd part company doesn't mean they can't make a full game with a ton of content.

Look at what Paradox with their 15 employees did with City Skylines. They made the best city builder ever that sold 2 million + copies.

Free_Fro1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

I agree that devs can charge whatever they want for their game. I mean, it's their game.

that doesn't mean I have to agree with it.
I just wait till it drops to a price I find fitting.

I guess the mentality is, It makes sense for big budget AAA titles to charge £40-£50. Whilst smaller budget titles shouldn't charge as much.

but.. you could also argue that there's a lot of content, and you can get lots of hours out of the game therefore it's worth £40-£50...


CorndogBurglar1576d ago

Just because it isn't a big budget AAA game does not mean it isn't worth $60. This isn't a game like most indies. In fact, all reports say it has a whole lot more to do than a lot of AAA....and its gorgeous looking.

It actually looks more like a AAA game than an indie game to me, to be honest.

Codewow1576d ago

I don't mind the price, because at this point they haven't shown me anything to make me say, "I need this game in my life."

DillyDilly1576d ago

Most will just pirate it anyway lol

detroitmademe1576d ago

Gimme that psvr no man's sky. I'm gonna gobble that s#!+ up

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