Konami cancels Coded Arms: Assault?

The rumor mill has been pretty active lately, and even more so as it's been alleged that Konami's first person shooter, Coded Arms: Assault, for the PS3 will be shipping no more.

While there's been no official word yet from the publishers themselves, word nonetheless already spread like wildfire around the internet community. So, where did this blaze come from? Supposedly, from the Japanese magazine Famitsu. Originally set for a release come the second quarter of this year, it appears that we may never see it at all anymore...

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BIadestarX5443d ago

Imagine this....
what if they cancelled for the PS3 and are releasing it for the xbox 360? hah!

silent ninja5443d ago

this sucks i was looking forward to an fps with no aliens

Scrumptious5443d ago

so the developement team could concentrate on the 360 version of MGS4!

Genki5443d ago

It's not that big of a loss if you ask me, most of the upcoming shooters across all the platforms looked leagues ahead of this one. I'd be more disappointed if games like Metroid, Halo, and Killzone were cancelled, personally.