Using an SSD in your PlayStation - All you need to know

Josh from SR talk to PC component specialist, Crucial, and asks its senior worldwide product manager about the benefits of using an SSD in PlayStation hardware.

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donwel2043d ago

Apparently Samsung has (or will soon be) releasing a 15TB 2.5" SSD, whether or not we'll be able to use those in PS4 I don't know but it looks like storage may not be an issue in the the near future.
Though it will probably be quite expensive

DivoJones2043d ago

Uhh it will definitely be expensive.. even 1TB SSD's run between $230-300 USD right now. SSHD is the way to go, get the storage capacity of a standard drive and the performance gains from the SSD storage. 1TB SSHD's run between $60-120 for comparison, and they benchmark around the same as a full SSD.

donwel2041d ago

Well I figured it would be quite pricey. At the minute I have a 1TB in my PS4, which I've owned for maybe 6 months (probably less) and it's already 3/4 full.
I was thinking of getting a 2TB but the way things are going with game installs and patches that likely won't last me more than a year, then it's money wasted as I'm back to square one.
I think the best we can hope for is that they start making more reasonably priced SSDs or increasing the capacity of SSHDs or normal HDDs (I believe a company is, or has, released a 3TB 2.5" HDD recently). Or at the very least let us use external drives like the X1.