First glimpse of the PSP 3000

Google Translated: War on the Slim & Light a photo of strawberries only pale red, lit up the fruits on the PSP 3000. Where it with the naked eye could judge, the brightness does not change. The display, Sony has a slight anti-Glare-surface, the reflections weaken somewhat. Laut Reeves werde Mirrors Edge zunächst exklusiv für die PS3 in diesem Jahr erscheinen.

According to Reeves Mirrors Edge will initially exclusively for the PS3 this year. The PC and Xbox 360 versions would follow much later.

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HighDefinition3763d ago

PS3 is ON FIRE so I can believe it.

kwicksandz3763d ago

If this was true sony would be shouting it from the rooftops, and we would have heard about it at E3 earlier this year.

marionz3763d ago

even if thats true im sure its no big loss, not interested in this game at all

JoySticksFTW3763d ago

Microsoft keep bytching-slapping PS3 gaining time-exclusives for their system first and "stealing" exclusive 3rd party support away from PS3.

Sure, Sony has some incredible 1st party games coming up, but am I the only one thinking that maybe Sony let some of their market share slip away by being inactive and not fighting for more timed-exclusives and doing whatever it takes to ensure that long-time 3rd party money makers stay exclusive to their system?

Sure, Sony doesn't have the deep pockets of Microsoft, but with the GTA, DMC, and FF series firmly in Sony's grip and only their grip... this console war would be looking alot different right now.

Just look at what a long time PS series and *sarcasm* non-system seller *end sarcasm* like MGS4 did for PS3 sales alone.

But then again, Microsoft just gained Rock Band 2 as a timed-exclusive so Sony maay never learn

RememberThe3573763d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

...I mean, it's entirely possible, but I bought it. I'm probably going to day one this game on the PS3, wait, Valkyria Chronicles is coming out on the same day! Damn it! And I got Fable 2 and Gears... Sh*t... Oh and LBP! Damn it... I hate the holidays...

EDIT: @JoySticksFTW: Thats a great point. I don't think many people bring that up, but it seems to me to be a very important aspect of this console race and Sony's slipping market share. I'm really glad they're using the money they would have used to for 3rd party exclusives and using it to make games like LBP and InFamous, not to mention all those damn PSN games. But, MS has done a really good job bring high quality franchises to it's crown console.

solidt123762d ago

I don't think it is BS because since E3 we have found out alot of cool things PS3 only that Sony didn't even mention so I am not surprised.

whoelse3762d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if it is true. I think Microsoft prefer to shout out about third party games a lot more than Sony.

himdeel3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

...Sony has bragged about a timed-exclusive game. They don't even be making much noise about FFX13 being timed exclusive, now Versus is another story.

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SmartPS3Owner3763d ago

I doubt it, EA said they are a multi-platform company. They will treat all systems the same.

HighDefinition3763d ago

Is a timed 360 exclusive.


SmartPS3Owner3763d ago

Oh, I didnt know they publish it, then who publishes guitar hero?

Isaac3763d ago

Nowhere to be seen on PS3 (though it should arrive soon)

badz1493763d ago

on PS3 will also have extra features, if I'm not mistaken

Seraphim3763d ago

I doubt it but at the same time can believe it. This is coming from a German source after all. So this could mean nothing more that it'll be released for the PS3 in Germany/parts of Europe before the 360 and PC counterparts drop. For North America however I think this, if it holds merit, doesn't even affect us one bit anyway...

DaTruth3763d ago

If EA treats all systems the same, they should treat us to some Crysis and Crysis Warhead.

Codeman4203762d ago

if ea treated all systems the same they wouldnt have screwed up orange box for the PS3, i know valve had stuff to do with it but EA is still the publisher and has say in it.

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AlterEgo3763d ago

The PS3 is the lead platform for Mirror's Edge, but a timed-exclusive?

That would've made the headlines LONG before now if there's any truth to it.

Does anyone here speak German?

iceatcs3763d ago

Just go to the both links, post translated as well

Shaka2K63763d ago

Just like all other AAA's multi-p. games.

Zerodin3763d ago

Ah, so that's why all the comparison charts say other wise!

dktxx23763d ago

I really think that we'd know if it was a timed exclusive or not by now. Still there is a possibility, although it's EA, and I don't think they'd do that anyway.