Gran Turismo HD Impressions - - "Considering that the tease of Gran Turismo used to get us excited about the PSP before it even came out has yet to appear in any playable form, the best part of the Gran Turismo HD downloadable demo for PS3 might just be its very existence. Better yet, after however long it takes to download the 600+ MB over your connection, there's enough to the demo to keep driving enthusiasts coming back for a while. The flipside to that, though, is that you'll soon be that much hungrier for more than the one track can satisfy."

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calderra5250d ago

Gran Turismo: So excruciatingly realistic in every detail that when you crash into a wall at 200mph, you still don't even scratch the paint.

Heh. But seriously- this review shows exactly why the series has stagnated so terribly. One track and basically only one mode provides "enough... to keep driving enthusiasts coming back for a while". If this were any other series in the world, that would read "with only one real mode to play, the demo tires easily".

People need to get tough and force some innovation with the series. Where's the damage modeling, and drag racing, and decals/paint customization that fans have been demanding for years?

I love Gran Turismo, but it's becoming a lot like Dynasty Warriors. Sure, there are some advancements every time... but at the core, is there really anything in GT4 that wasn't in GT1? Unless you're huge on the photo mode, not really. GT1 even included the super racing mod upgrade, usually with color choices and tons of decals, that GT4 doesn't have.

specialguest5250d ago

that's the one thing that justifies it's flaws. hopefully, GT5 will be a huge improvement for the series. take notes from other rival games if needed Polyphony.