Is Nintendo Making the Same Mistakes as Microsoft With NX's "Kinect Like Features?"

TCC: A new patent filing reveals what could be an add-on for the Nintendo NX

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uth111573d ago

Why would Nintendo need to copy someone else's mistakes when they are pefectly good at making their own? /s

Warshade1573d ago

If it just means there is voice commands so we can tell netflix to go to the next episode(kinects really only mass used feature). Then I am all for it. Why not.

Aenea1573d ago

The patent describes other things that are not voice related. Besides, if it has a mic and a processor that can process the spoken text than it doesn't need an external device to handle voice commands...

secretcode1573d ago

Honestly, I like my Kinect but I am fully aware that I don't use it for actual gameplay. If they're working on something that will let me just scream at my TV to lower the volume, launch games or turn a system on? Sure. Okay.

But the moment it effects actual gameplay? No thanks.

sadsatan1573d ago

why can't nintendo just make a conventional console? no kinect like features, just a console and a pad with no fancy screens etc. is it too much to ask?

XtraTrstrL1573d ago

LOL, I gave up on asking that question years ago. Them coming out with a followup console with the same name and same gimmick with only a marginal mark-up in power over consoles that released over 6 years before it in the Wii U was the nail in the coffin for me. They lost their way when it comes to common sense in the hardware market.

DiscoKid1573d ago

Because they will be doing exactly what Sony and Microsoft is doing. That's not very competitive. Nintendo's success comes from standing out and catering to casuals. Not to say they've been perfect with it.

MisterManGuy1573d ago

We don't even know if this patent is going to be used or not. Of all of Nintendo's recent patents, this one looks like it won't be used.

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