The Division – How to easily get High-End gear

A successful run will net you almost 20 000 credits and another 30 Phoenix credits. Not bad for a mission which can be done in around 20 minutes or so, right? PLUS, there’s a guaranteed high-end item drop every time. You might get a duplicate with successive runs, but that’s what crafting is for, right? Rinse and repeat, and you’ll soon be singing about how much you love gold.

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MagicBeanz1577d ago

So The Division is nothing but a grind too, good I guess we can cut Destiny some slack now.

brokenbracket1577d ago

The grind is so much better than Destiny, but the grind was never the problem with Destiny. It's the overpriced and lack of content that's the problem with Destiny. As The Division stands now, it has more content in it than Destiny had in year one. And with their upcoming DLC, two of which are FREE, it'll be twice the amount of content Destiny had in year one.

Matchmaking was also an issue with Destiny, not so much in The Division.

MeleeDamage1577d ago

This, in addition to deciding against another yearly Assassin's Creed title, is a step in the right direction for Ubisoft.