Xbox 360 topped US hardware sales chart over Xmas - NPD

Market analysts NPD have suggested that the Xbox 360 was the best-selling console in the US over Christmas - with the Nintendo Wii trailing by just 200,000 units.

According to the firm's preliminary estimates, as reported by CNBC, around 2 million Xbox 360 units were sold in North America from November up until December 25.

The figure for Nintendo Wii stood at 1.8 million units - despite the fact the console only launched in North America on November 19, and the first batch of stock sold out within hours.

Stock shortages were an even bigger problem for Sony. Around 750,000 PlayStation 3 units were sold during the same period.

NPD is expected to release complete figures later this month.

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BlackCountryBob5243d ago

So did Microsoft sell 10million 360's worldwide?

True Gamer5243d ago

9.4 million Xbox 360's worldwide, just short of the 10 million goal.

shikwan5243d ago

And they are wayyyyy more on their target than Sony's original "6 million shipped by 2007"! Or was it 4 2 wait....500,000.

True Gamer5243d ago

850,000 PS3's by year-end, just short of the 1,000,000 goal.

Oncnawan5243d ago

That was your personal One Million Consoles Sold Goal, wasn't it? 'Cause I sure don't remember Sony talking 1 million PS3s by 2007. Could you perhaps refresh my recollection by pointing me towards some news release where they downgraded their goal to 1 million?

ironwolf5243d ago

Sunday, my local Walmart had 3 PS3s in the display case, they may have had more on hand,(I don't know) the case only had room for the 3 I saw. Yesterday (Monday), Best buy had 19 PS3s on the floor; 12 in a floor stack and seven on the shelf in the Playstation aisle. No takers while I was in the store, and according to the sales flyers, they were put out the day before.

LilClaw5243d ago

Man, two thursdays before Christmas I saw about 5 PS3s for sale at a booth very close to the front door. You couldn't miss it. For some odd reason, there wasn't may people trying to kill themselves to get it. Even I (who plans on getting one...someday) passed by telling myself that it's not worth it right now. I mean, why would I get another next gen console (I have a xbox360) with one game, to turn around and get another one with no games. And I was on a mission to get my Samsung 720p LCD anyways. The funny thing was the store was trying to show the "awesomness of the PS3" by showing everyone how cool it was at the kiosk. For some odd reason the Wii and the 360 kiosks were turned off...hummm. Anyways, the game Motorstorm loaded too long (that may be because it's been on all day). Also the sales clerk was showing the features like the audio and crap like that, you know stuff that the 360 could do as well. I just shooked my head and just went straight to the checkout to purchase my shiny new TV.

THAMMER15243d ago

The big issue is the price tag. $600.00 & $500.00 is too much.

The average person just wants to buy the box and put games in it. 2008 will be a better year for Sony if they sell enough in 2007 to lower the price by then.

shikwan5243d ago

As a GAME machine, it's pretty weak (unless you compare it to the Wii). The fanboys always stood by Sony over Xbox saying; "It's all about the games. PS2 has MORE and BETTER games." They seem to sing a different tune now as the 360 has more and better games. Face it. PS3 launch games are crap...even when compared to 360 launch games. Fanboys will argue; "The PS3 will be better in time." Well...PS3 was supposed to drop like 6 months ago. How much time is required!!?? The tune fanboys was saying then was that Sony wasn't rushing the system-the way MS did. Funny, out the box, the PS3 needs major updates to it's firmware. And even that still doesn't solve the glitchy bluetooth controller issues, the HDTV scaling issues nor the backwards compatibility issues.
And the things that makes it SEEM better than the 360 are just mirages covering other issues. YES. It has a bigger hdd and can be user upgraded to a bigger one. BUT the reason to have/install a bigger hdd is to have more media stored on it. Well, MOST people have most of their media (videos,mp3s,pics) already stored on their PC. Is there a non-tedious way to transfer those files over to PS3?? NO. Also, most people have their media stored on raid drives in case of hdd failure. So go ahead and risk keeping all your media on your fancy PS3 if you want to. I'll stick to streaming my media off my PC to my 360....BTW Why is it that PS3 CAN'T connect to a PC??? MOST modern media devices (surround receivers, cell phones, cameras, camcorders, etc) can connect to the PC yet the fancy PS3 can't!! Oh and don't try to argue "Because it IS a computer", because you can have a MAC and a PC. Heck, PCs communicate with SUPERCOMPUTERS all the time (it's called the INTERNET). And online gaming is a mess....still. Xbox Live is a high-class suburb and Playstation Network is a...GHETTO. But you get what you pay for, right?

As a Blu Ray player, it's great but...I can't see 35+ year old adults inviting company over to watch a Blu Ray movie and then pulling out the SIXASIS to play the movie. In other words, why would you sell a BR player without including the remote, Sony?? AND component or HDMI cable are not supplied, either!! Also there isn't a night-and-day difference in picture quality over the DVD-like it was going from VHS to DVD. Plus, this BR is forced on you. There are MANY ways to view HD content. MS gives you options; stream it off your PC, download it or buy it on HD-DVD. Options. I like that. PLUS, I can watch my HD-DVD movies AND still send/receive XBL messages, voice chat, check friend's list, etc! Can't do that on BR....can't do that on PS3.

Thugbot1875243d ago

Could not have been said better. However I bet some fanboy will have something to disagree on. I remember in 2005 when the PS3 didn’t release all the fanboys were saying don’t worry it’s just giving them more time to work on the games and everything else. Its 2007 the games are here and everyone is saying, well they need more time the dev kits took forever to get…. Last console wars I had a PS2 and Xbox. I got a PS2 for the games that never made it to the Xbox which were a lot. This time around I just don’t see the exclusives for the PS3, every time I see a game that would get me to purchase a PS3 they announce it will be on my 360. If I had both systems right now I would get the game on the Xbox 360 over the PS3 because of XBL even if the quality was slightly better on the PS3 or I had to switch between 3 or 4 disc. I already have a network of friends on XBL not to say my achievement score keeps me competitive against my other gamer friends. As far as BLU-RAY and HD-DVD yes I have seen HD but truthfully I can careless I like my DVD player and I’m sure many feel the same as me. Hell there are many that still love there VHS player, I had to setup a VHS play for my gf’s parents who are in there early 40’s (They have a 9,000 dollar home theater surround sound and a TV that does 720p 1080i).

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