What Does Microsoft’s Cross-Network Announcement Mean for PS4 Gamers?

PS4Home: "What does this mean for the gaming world and for PS4 gamers in particular? Let’s break it down."

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crazychris41241581d ago

You might play with people on the Xbox one in some games, not a tough concept

DARKKENT1581d ago

I don't see sony doing it..

They already do it with PC.. Microsoft are beyond desperation with xbox one right now.. So having gamers be able to play with their ps4 friends while not having to buy a ps4? I doubt it

It's a PR move by Microsoft.. Ps4 has double the install base of xbox one therefore its more than likely your friend owns a play with them you need a ps4..why would sony eradicate that factor?

Interesting to see how this plays out.. Will sony give in to Microsoft's desperation and lose some sales, or stick the middle finger up to Microsoft's desperation and take a hit in the PR department?

BadBoyC1581d ago

I swear, me and you think a lot alike.. I was thinking the same exact thing last night when I first heard this news. Sony is the market leader and while the Xbox One is doing really good sales wise that still doesn't change the fact that the sales gap is damn near 2 to 1. Since PS4 has many more sales most peoples friends are on PS4 and people will be more inclined to get a PS4 since their friends are on it. Sony has the advantage over Microsoft in that aspect and enabling crossplay with Xbox One would only weaken and limit that advantage because some people might be less inclined to get a PS4 if they know they could play their Call of Duty's, Madden's, GTA's, NBA 2K's, etc with friends on PS4 without owning a PS4. Sony is the market leader so they have more to lose by enabling crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation than Microsoft does.

Now as a consumer, I'd love crossplay to be enabled between both platforms. It's a very consumer friendly move but I'm only pointing out why Sony may not want to include it and why it doesn't make sense for them business wise.

Godmars2901581d ago

Again with another article questioning Sony while praising MS for "innovating" something they hampered?

I mean, Sony may still be as negative in regards to cross play with the Xbox as vocal as MS have been about it in general, but there are more instances of PS3 cross play with PC than there were with the 360. Yet once again MS announces something and they're somehow the leading influence.

eyeDEVOUR1581d ago

Reminds me of how the Ps2 had the Eyetoy then the Ps3 launched with the PsEye. Then later down the road xbox got kinect and people thought it was so But then they acted like the PsEye was copying kinect..LMFAO

Team_Litt1581d ago

Why have there been only a handful of PS4/PC cross play games? If Sony has been this great champion of cross platform play then what has stopped them from CoD PC vs PS4? Or Battlefield? There are so many games that have nothing to do with MS which Sony could have actively pursued cross play in.

Now that MS are being aggressive about opening up their network for cross play with PC suddenly Sony has always had it

Ron_Danger1581d ago

It's up to the specific game devs to implement it, not Sony. Sony allows it but doesn't enforce it.

kayoss1581d ago

its called the game developers. SOny and Microsoft can implement anything they want but if the developers dont utilize it, then its not their fault. For example PS4 to PSVita, Sony wanted crossplay, cross save, cross buy for most ps4 games. But if the game developers dont use it then how is it Sony's fault?

SpeakTruthAlways1581d ago

It's also on the the devs to implement cross-play, use your head, it'll help.

Perjoss1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

You want gamepad users to go up against mouse and keyboard players? are you new to video games or something?

Doabarrelroll1581d ago

No one is praising sony as champion of cross play stop twisting people's words, it's people praising MS for finally doing something they were preventing. People are acting like MS is doing something great and innovative and is ahead, all these "the balls in Sonys court now" or "MS pushing innovation this gen" comments are ridiculous, Sony has been far more open with cross play than MS, that's the point.

rainslacker1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

May be a bit soon to say they're being aggressive. All they've done is make an announcement, gave an invitation, and said which game will support it first.

The announcement was for PR gain. nothing wrong there since it is a highly requested feature, and they'd want people to know about it.

Open invitation was to put the final result into Sony's hands, making them look like the bad guy should they refuse...which could be understandable if they refuse for petty reasons.

Beyond that, it's the 3rd party dev/s that will make it happen, because cross network play won't apply to Sony or MS published exclusives anyhow. All the console makers have to do is provide the protocols to the developer to make it work.

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eyeDEVOUR1581d ago

Its means..

more 5hit talking
more mic muting
more sore losers ddos'ing each others network
more bad netcode from devs(cough DICE)

Although it would be nice if it could bring the communities together in friendly competition, but i dont have enough faith in that happening.

Question is, does the risks outweigh the rewards? or vice versa

FallenAngel19841581d ago

It just means even more potential cross platform play

GamingIVfun1581d ago

PS3 and PS4 already have cross platform games with PC, fact not fiction and has for a long time. It's new to Xbox not Playstation.

Lennoxb631581d ago

Didn't Neverwinter on the original Xbox have cross play with PC?

SpeakTruthAlways1581d ago

True that, fanboys are acting as if MS has invented cross-play, hilarious.

Cross-buy, cross-play are things sony has been doing for years now.

GamingIVfun1581d ago

No Neverwinter is not cross play between Xbox One and PC.

shinrock1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )


Kiwi661581d ago

No its not new to xbox as they did it with a game called shadowrun like others have said and thats a fact , funny how people want to pretend that only sony have done it

GamingIVfun1580d ago

There are way more cross platform games on Playstation consoles. Also Sony had mentioned being open to cross platform multiplayer on consoles quite a while back, mentioning then that it was up to the publishers and developers.

The problem is fanboys and some media are acting like this is a new thing when it's been around for a long time and much more so on Playstation than Xbox.

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