Hip-hop for gamers show 08/21/08

Bit boys writes- This week have hotter jams and more old school,so download, burn on a cd put it on you Ipod,mp3,Xbox 360 or Ps3 and ride out.

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dro3804d ago

wu tang is classic (-_-)

egm_hiphopgamer3803d ago

was up everybody this hiphopgamer this guy is trying to copy me for real. hip hop for gamers show come on man get a life yo. if you guys want real entertainment , real games, and real info, even info coming directly from the developers since we actually know them and speak with them from time to time then head on over to and this guy goodfellajay is a joke and it's sad.

Rice3804d ago

Dam yo..i wish my internet was working!>!>!