Next Dx12 Game is Total War: Warhammer with AMD Partnership

GamersNexus: "AMD just announced a partnership with Total War developers Creative Assembly, highlighting the game developer's move to implement DirectX 12 with the upcoming Total War: Warhammer Grand Strategy game."

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1580d ago
marioJP871580d ago

DirectX 12? Nothing here to see, people with Nvidia GPUs.

ONESHOTV21580d ago

lol that's true my 970 is is crying lol

marioJP871580d ago

Us Nvidia owners are like, "Go home, DX12, you're drunk"

ARESWARLORD1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I recently switched back to Nvidia from AMD. I just couldn't handle a horrible AMD drivers. As far as a good company though one that's for the gamers AMD has that title of my books. It seems they always do everything open source I hope they can get it together

--bienio--1580d ago

Ok what about the Nivda?