Hitman Patch 1.02 Goes Live On PS4, Xbox One TBA

ThisGenGaming says "Hitman’s latest patch has gone live on the PS4, and comes in at 493.9 MB. The Xbox One patch has not gone live yet, but is expected to go live soon."

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Donnywho1582d ago

Woops, I messed up, better load that save and do it a different way. Cool, it finally loaded, and now I'm disconnected from the server. Time to re-connect and reload that save. Yea, but reloading the save is going to take forever and then it might just disconnect again. I don't want to go to bed angry, I think I'll just quit for the night.

P_Bomb1582d ago

The patch was a disaster, they're already working on patching the patch.

New obtrusive/awkward hud icons you can't toggle off. Pre-order bonus content all vanished! Longer load times. Some weapon/item pictures are not loading. Servers still unstable and crash (DRM boots you to the main menu when they crash because SP saves still require a MP connection). Content like Paris escalation is still awol. Bad day for IO