The Division’s Blizzards Are a Sight to Behold

In order to make a winter in New York City more believable in The Division, the developers decided to throw in some serious weather conditions.

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NickBiazzo12311572d ago

The Division blizzards are outstanding!

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Father__Merrin1572d ago

I'm still to get this, does anyone know if retail release is optimised for good pc performance? The beta ran OK but was hoping for smoother game play. Does the options include resolution scaling

Perjoss1572d ago

I dont think there is res scaling but there is an option for picture sharpness which does seem to affect performance. I'd say its not super well optimised as i have a nice rig with 2x gtx 980 in sli, installed on a SSD and i still have to bump down the highest shadow setting. Everything else is maxed though at 2560 by 1600.

Enate1572d ago

The game seems to have no issue running on pc outside of some crashing. The rest simply depends on what you are running. An what settings you expect to play at. My friend has a gtx 980 an has everything ultra and can stream it via shadow play with no drops at all.

Jmanzare1572d ago

They look good my only problem is how easily enemies can headshot you when you can't even see them

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