Tom Clancy's The Division Review l Poli Games

Poli Games host, Joseph, reviews Tom Clancy's The Division. After countless 3's and conferences will The Division hold up to its hype? Will this game share the similar fate that Watchdogs had? Is this new game, the next breakout franchise that Ubisoft needs? This reviews shows this games strengths and weaknesses. This review was taken from a PS4.

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Poli_Games1579d ago

What are your thoughts about The Division? Are you loving it like me? Do you hate it? I really want to know! Share your feelings with me!

USMC_POLICE1579d ago

I love it so far, it would be awesome if they cross over some other Clancy characters in DLC. I'm addicted to it!

Lord_Sloth1579d ago

I'm having a blast with it but I'm only really playing it when my brother is off.

JeffGUNZ1579d ago

Nice review, it's refreshing to see someone actually appreciate the accomplishments and not be a hipster site scoring it low to bring in clicks.

Silly Mammo1579d ago

I'm really enjoying the game. Playing both alone and with random people. Don't play alot of MMOs so this type of game isnt stale to me.

d4v03331579d ago

I love Destiny so I knew I was going to love The Division and I am! Very fun and enjoyable game. Dark Zone just makes the game even more exciting and thrilling! This game is 9/10 for me. I also thought I might not enjoy this playing solo but I am. The only thing for me is sometimes that walking from A to B can become tiring but the safe houses make it little easier once you unlock them for fast travel.

JeffGUNZ1579d ago

also, just see if any of your friends are in your map and if they are closer to your objective then the safe house, just fast travel to them lol.

d4v03331578d ago

hahaha true I forgot that we can fast travel to friends locations :)

DivineAssault 1579d ago

Almost bought this game today but there was so many mixed feedback on it that i decided to wait for a $40 price drop.. Im sure its good but ive been burnt before so im going to hold off since the game sold so well.. I am going to buy it but not right away