Here Is Your First Look at System Shock's Remake [Pre-Alpha Gameplay]

Night Dive Studios has released a new video, showing the first gameplay footage from its upcoming System Shock Remake.

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DiscoKid1575d ago

That actually looks pretty rad.

john21575d ago

Yeap, looks awesome. But Unity Engine? I really hope they use the latest version in order to avoid any possible performance issues.

DiscoKid1575d ago

Unity is quite powerful, it's just in many cases, developers don't utilize the best optimization techniques.

eyeDEVOUR1575d ago ShowReplies(1)
Duke191575d ago

Having never played the original version, definitely excited to try this

opinionated1575d ago

Bioshock was my first "shock" game and it's one of my favorites last gen. I bought system shock 2 but I couldn't get it to work right so I gave up. I don't know how these compare to the original but the remakes are perfect for people like me. I can't wait and hopefully SS2 gets the same treatment.

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