Hype, The Universe, and Everything - exploring the infinite expectations of No Man's Sky - Spin Off

The game-changing game trailer that will change gaming begins with a black screen. Text flashes that assures us that all footage is captured in real time, and every atom of what we’re about to see is “procedural.”

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ArchangelMike1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Wow, that was the best article I have ever read posted on N4G. I'm surprised I read all of it, but it was just bang on the money on all points.

He's right that everyone is responsible for hype. Even those that are decrying the game are contributing to the hype machine.

I don't understand why we can't just let the game come out and be judged on its own merits.

ps360s1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )


But I am with this game from the beginning

To me it's very interesting game, love the whole exploration and visiting other planets, universe and plus the whole art style is just beautiful

burgecake1571d ago

Hey, I wrote this article. Thanks for all the feedback! Really appreciate it. People seem to like it, which is fantastic. I was worried that people would find it too long, but I wanted to take a bit of time to get really in-depth about why everyone, including me, had been so taken with the idea of the game.

ArchangelMike1570d ago

Great article man! It's great that everyone is talking about No Man's Sky; both the enthusiasts and the detractors. The hype train is strong with this one.

One of the probolems with hype, and specifically game journalists and hype, is that you have those journalists that will deliberately score a game low - simply to make a point (and get hits).

Hype generates and unfair bias both towards, and against a game, and removes objectivity. This is one game that will be difficult to review, because everyone's starting experience will be different. The other reason that it will be difficult to review is the infinte nature of the game. The goal is to get to the centre of the universe, but marking a straight line to the centre isn't reallyhow the game is designed to be played.

It'll be interesting to see the review scores, and specifically which sites come out with the first reviews. In any case I really believe that No Man's Sky will be a milestone game, and I can't wait.

Pongwater1569d ago

Yes great article about a great topic and a potentially great game.

user66660471571d ago

Just imagine how many patches this game will need post launch.

Lon3wolf1571d ago

I'm imagining 1 or 2, what you got?

user66660471571d ago

Like 40. It's an open world (universe) game. I love how people think I'm attacking the game. :p

sizeofyou1571d ago

Quit exploring patch?
"Too much to find, must stop, can give up anytime BUT must just check out that planet over there..."

Broomfondle1571d ago

It's not coming out on XboxOne dude.

user66660471571d ago

Are you saying no PS4 game has ever needed a patch? That must be some good moon juice you're drinking.

Lon3wolf1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

When did I mention that you were attacking the game, I love how people jump to that conclusion :P I merely stated I thought 1 or 2 at release not for the whole lifetime of the game :D

Edit: Oh and asked you for your guess on the number of patches (at launch :) )

user66660471571d ago

I overreacted. Sorry Wolf boy :p

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Lon3wolf1571d ago

So looking forward to this game.

asadachi1571d ago

Good article, but the author, really likes, to over use commas.

iceman061571d ago

What, in the world, could be wrong,,,,,,,with that!?! LOL

burgecake1571d ago

I have an infinite, supply of commas, on my keyboard, and I find it, really hard, not to use them.