Why Gamers Should Wait For A Completed Hitman

The first episode of Hitman was released on March 11 and based on the experience of other gamers, it’s better to wait for the completed game.

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stanr1043d ago

I have hopes for this game but I'm not convinced yet. Maybe its better to wait.

1043d ago
Wyld-Woo1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

Hate it when companies take a massive saw to games. It's just another shaddy business practise IMO. Life is Strange was perfect and understandingly spit up for all the right reasons.

poppinslops1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

I disagree... I'm glad that I waited until Life is Strange's final episode released before playing them all over the next three or four days - which is roughly the timespan of the story told in the game (hard to be exact with all the time-travel).

Almost every episode had a cliffhanger ending, which must've made waiting a frustrating experience for those who played them as they released... wouldn't have helped with remembering the player's choices either.

I played Telltale's Game of Thrones as it released and I'm never doing it again... I can understand why Dontnod went episodic (test the waters, less financial risk), but Telltale are at the point where they should be finishing their games, then releasing them like TV shows (1 episode per week, physical release once it's done).

Hitman is one of the few games that I think actually works as an episodic title, as it's reflected in 47's work (he waits for a contract, does the job, goes back to waiting)... I've never replayed a Telltale-style game (destroys the illusion of choice), but Hitman is endlessly replayable - though again, it would be better if episodes were releasing on a weekly basis.

Someone with brains (and lots of money) should try to aquire Square Enix... They make great games, but they've also made some very questionable business decisions.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

Im going to hold off til its fully out.

Jinryo1043d ago

I just bought Hitman HD Collection on PS3 and start playing Hitman 2. My first Hitman game except Hitman GO and Sniper Challenge. Want to know them all from beginnig.

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