Last Days of Old Earth preview [GameWatcher]

Hey, you've got your Magic: the Gathering in my Civilization! GameWatcher previews the upcoming CCG Last Days of Old Earth.

Excerpt: "To look at screenshots of Last Days Of Old Earth you’d get a fairly complete idea of what the game is like to play. With a 4X-style hex-grid with resources to collect and military units to move around, the likes of Civilization or Might & Magic might spring to mind.

"Then there’s the card system, a set of card decks that you can utilise to build your armies and guide them into battle with the enemy. Here combat favours more traditional turn-based strategy elements. But while that might seem like the case, a closer reference would actually more likely be board games like Carcassonne. The strategy involved is very similar, and it’s a game that runs on such a strict set of rules. Dice rolls affect practically everything, from damage dealt in battle to the initiative at the start of a turn - and if that doesn’t scream ‘board game’, we don’t know what does."

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