Leaked No Man's Sky Screen Shows Dialogue Options and Character

A leaked screen of No Man's Sky from the preview event.

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TwoForce1579d ago


Overload1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Here is a better quality screen.

You can read the dialogue options better.

KwietStorm1579d ago

Attempt to explain that you are a peaceful creature.

I don't know why that option made me laugh so hard. Sounds like someone is gettin shot, regardless of the explanation.

Overload1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Yeah, in an interview they explained things can get hostile from miscommunication, because you have no idea what they are saying until you learn their language. If you align with certain races eventually, other races will be hostile towards you.

garrettbobbyferguson1579d ago

I don't understand why they couldn't show anything like this before. Finally one of the features they've been touting. Even if through a leak.

S2Killinit1579d ago

Lol yup

Love that set up by the way.

DigitalRaptor1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

@ Garrett

In the past, Sean Murray said that there would be no NPCs in the game, and that was because he didn't want to promise something they couldn't deliver. They haven't over-promised anything that they haven't shown already.

They're a small team with large ambitions, and making promises like that would be disastrous a decision. This stuff really isn't hard to grasp. They weren't ready to show it until now. Would you rather they show something before they know they have the resource for such features?

G20WLY1579d ago

The addition of dialogue is huge news and an important new string to this game's bow. Every new morsel just further solidifies my day one purchase.

Where are all the "but what do you actually DO?" people? They never come to the articles that explain what you do - they prefer to hang out in the '$60?! WAH?!' types of articles and they're missing out on information that will answer the things they are 'concerned' about. ;^P

mep691579d ago

Looks like heisenberg is on the far left hand side.

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zidane13411579d ago

out of the thousand games that come out after it, until the end of the year? ...highly unlikely.

Pongwater1579d ago

@zidane - It's highly likely that out of all the GotY awards handed out, No Man's Sky will win at least one of them.

Simco8761578d ago

best indie title for sure.

IamTylerDurden11579d ago

This destroys everything the haters have said. Every step of the way their argument crumbles. First they introduced trading, then FPS combat with massive robots, now dialogue options with alien life forms. What's next? Are we going to see minecraft like building? NMS is looking so good.

1579d ago
showtimefolks1579d ago

i think people will be very surprised with how great this game is gonna be. right now many are thinking $60 for a indie game but this indie could be the biggest game of this gen

3-4-51579d ago

I want to play this game so bad but I don't think my graphics card can handle id ( AMD HD 7770).

Also don't have a PS4, and don't really have the money for it as I'm saving up for a new synthesizer.

One day I'm definitely going to play this though as it looks like a lot of fun.

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detroitmademe1579d ago

Yea I think I may have to take a chance on this. it's seeming like a true next gen experience.

Overload1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I can't freaking wait. If this is announced for VR I'm going to lose it.

I've never been more excited for a game.

Erik73571579d ago

It's already confirmed to be in development for least for for PlayStation vr I really don't know....I don't think it would because it would need to run at at least 60fps

emad-E-three1579d ago

@ Fries Stop making things up as facts!

Dasteru1579d ago


It has been passively confirmed.

"I don't know what I'm allowed to say" implies that it is being worked on, but he is currently unable to speak in detail about it. There would be no logical reason to say that if they were not working on it.

ShadowKnight1579d ago

Looking forward to this game!

corroios1579d ago

I think this is one of the best new IP of this year. Lets see if it delivers.

Godmars2901579d ago


Okay. If there's active interaction, ability to make choices with them effecting the forward course of the game and creating characterizations for NPCs - just NPCs - then this is a $60 game. As much as I have issues with $60 online-only games.

xixdubyxix1579d ago

They've confirmed that you can play completely offline.

jb2271579d ago

I hadn't seen where they had confirmed NMS as being online or offline, but I'd liken it more to Journey where the thrust of the actual experience is solo, but you may meet someone else at some point in your journey.

xixdubyxix1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

It was confirmed in this interview with GameInformer:

Edit: URL won't paste properly, so here's a shortened URL even though it's not generally good form to post shortened URLs.

jb2271579d ago


Thanks for the link! That's some good news...I was wondering if the procedural generation would require a connection but apparently that's not a concern at all. It's weird because it seems like a lot of people's hype was huge at the reveal & then slowly tapered off, but for me I'm anticipating this game more these days now that we have seen more of its gameplay & mechanics. Also hoping it does some cool stuff w/ sound design.

xixdubyxix1579d ago

@jb227 If you're excited about the sound design, these might interest you:

Overload1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

It's crazy how much misinformation surrounds this game. It's 100% offine if you choose to. It's pretty much an algorithm on disc, it probably won't even take up much space on the HDD.

garrettbobbyferguson1579d ago

There's a lot of misinformation because they've barely given any tangible information. This dialogue leak is the first we're even seeing of anything that could resemble sentient alien life that you can interact with. Let alone any possibility of trade. They've really dropped the ball no marketing this.

Overload1579d ago

It releases in 3 months.

The offline has been known for a while. I'm glad they're not talking about it too much. The discovery is part of the excitement, in my opinion.

garrettbobbyferguson1579d ago

Discovery is part of the excitement. But learning about BASIC FEATURES should not be a part of that excitement. Why the hell do you think there is so much negativity surrounding this game? Because something like communicating with an alien had to be revealed from a leak. Because all they've shown so far is a tiny amount of exploring and a tiny amount of shooting.

DigitalRaptor1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

@ garrettbobbyferguson


I keep seeing you in these No Man's Sky articles talking the same nonsense. This information was out there days ago. Do you want to know what that represents? It's a perfect example of you not bothering to do your research into the game. And if you didn't know about this until now, then how much more are you neglecting to bother looking into. The info is out there. There's tons of it. There's a fairly large (incomplete) Wiki already dedicated to the game and its features and it's not even released yet. http://secretonline.github....

They talked about trading years ago. It was a KEYWORD in the most recent trailer. For what this game represents to the casual gamer, Sony has marketed the game just as they need to. For the more hardcore gamers like ourselves who desire more knowledge, it's to be found and it doesn't take much mental capacity. Help yourself, because at this point, none of us should have to.

So really, you are concerned about the negativity that stems from the stupidity and ignorance of the lazy folks who want to be spoon fed everything about a game they could understand if they took their minds out of the gutter? I don't think that is really the game's problem if that is why people are being negative about the game. Having said that, the most recent press previews were largely positive, insightful and mentioned craving more of the experience.

zidane13411579d ago

with almost every single disc game, it installs tens of gigabytes. this is most likely no different.

IamTylerDurden11579d ago

Your right, the game won't take up much HDD space. In related news, Dreams will be less than a GB. It's nice that we can have grounbreaking games that don't rape our HDD.

NMS is looking better and better.

Bathyj1579d ago

garrett they not only said already that there would be trading but there will be complete alien languages, so really dialogue trees is something we should have seen coming.

Also I agree with others that the whole vibe of this game is finding things out for yourself. If you need it all served up for you on a plate its probably not your type of game. Thats alright, many will feel the same. Just dont blame the devs cos theyre trying to do things a bit differently.

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iceman061579d ago

There is active interaction. The idea being that you have to learn the language of the NPC's in order to trade for the best materials and blueprints...and for alliances. However, to learn the languages will take exploration to find the remnants of their particular civilization on different planets. Trial and error could lead to them thinking that you are hostile and you losing out on that opportunity.

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