The Division’s Challenge Mode is hard as nails

The Division’s Challenge Mode unlocks at level 30, and this is what it looks like.

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Khaotic1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Me and 3 randoms finished one. It was tough. Me and 3 other people that were a party attempted the power plant. Now these people did not sick and we were doing well all the way up till we had to activate the pressure valves, it's on a timer, and we failed. The elite rushing shotgunners have no mercy.

sarlucic1959d ago

It is hard but it is not so hard that you can complete it with a couple of randoms and lots of patience. Me and one friend of me have beaten all of them multiple times. The only one that is really hard is the Russian institution but mostly because you underrate how far you have to retreat to battle the shotgun blitzers.

Now when we have yellow items in all slots most of them are somewhat easy, you can still die, you have to play smart, but the pure horror of the first challenge mission is gone. Can't wait for next free content patch. Looking forward to the incursion mission.