New Battlezone VR trailer shows off explosive single player campaign

Posted by Jason Kingsley on Mar 14, 2016 // Creative Director and Co-founder, Rebellion

So who’s sitting with baited breath eagerly awaiting the PlayStation’s VR event tomorrow? I know we are! From the reveal of Project Morpheus to the unveiling of PlayStation VR, we feel like virtual reality has been in the news for a while (We announced Battlezone nearly 10 months ago — I can’t believe it!), but only now are players starting to see what kind of complete game experiences they’ll be getting in virtual reality.

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Genuine-User1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

I'm on board! I'm excited to play on PSVR.

detroitmademe1574d ago

Yea looks interesting. I like the art style as well

ji32001574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

sense the real size of enviroment and object is just incredible. i don't hardly use my 150 inch projector since i got my oculus dk2 in 2014. i can tell you guys that my 150 inch screen size feel much smaller than field of view in VR. playing several hundreds of non vr games playable in vr using Vorpx software is just amazing. Lucky for pc gamers but PS vr has over 200 developers are working on for psvr so ps4 owners are lucky too.

S2Killinit1574d ago

Looks like PSVR is ago. I wonder if this will be a launch title?

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