The World Of Warships Experience (Spring 2016)

New Gamer Nation:

Ever since discovering P.T.O. IV during the heyday of the PlayStation 2 era, I have enjoyed the very sparse genre of naval simulation and strategy games. If you’re not a fan of this relatively obscure genre, that’s okay, but what you might not know is that the naval simulation and strategy games aren’t exactly flooding the market these days, and there is a history of some wonky-ness (random sci-fi elements in some WW2-based games, for example) and poor quality within the genre. So when I had the chance to play World of Warships in open beta last year, I was pretty excited. Recently I had a chance to spend some more time with World of Warships, and while I’m still hopeful, my excitement has been tempered a little bit by the realities of what the game is like more than half a year after its official launch.

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