The Division Currently Has an Endgame Currency Problem

Once you hit level 30 in Tom Clancy's The Division, everything changes and one major issue with shooter's endgame currency presents itself.

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JeffGUNZ1576d ago

So basically they patched an exploit since they don't want people to have all the high end weapons before you were able to exploit it and now they have a "currency problem"? Patches and fixes happen all the time in these types of games, not a big deal. Just get the credits like expected and you'll be fine.

starrman19851576d ago

"All you can really do is try to ignore those carrying the most lucrative wares, or get on their good side to avoid a beating."

There is your answer. These types of games will always have early patching to try balance things out, the first to get there do reap the benefits but that's just the luck of the draw!

To be honest 10-15 per boss is definitely too high, however 1-3 is also too low, I think a set 5 would be nice and I am sure we will see more fine tuning with it.

brokenbracket1576d ago

Haha, yeah, I was just typing the same thing, 5 or 6 per boss is what I was expecting. I'm hoping they change it up.

brokenbracket1576d ago

I agree, the drop rate for phoenix credits changed drastically after the patch. They went from one extreme to the other. Destiny did this and I hated it then. Someone told me the named bosses in the DZ were dropping like 15 phoenix credits. Now they drop like 2-3. A soft medium would've been like 8-10. If I kill 5 named bosses per hour, that's like maybe 15 credits. Just to buy a blueprint, I'd have to grind for nearly ten hours or more. That's hardcore.

And I know you can get phoenix creds by completing hard/challenging daily missions, as well as sometimes completing side missions and killing the named bosses at the end of those. But I'm assuming you don't do any of that and just go straight into the dark zone. That's so crucial man. I'm hoping enough people complain about it and get them to up the drops a bit. 15 was definitely too much, as I don't mind working for stuff, but 2-3 is too little. I'd even be ok with 5 or 6 per boss.

Chaosdreams1576d ago

I think as long as the community voices the complaint properly, then I don't see any reason why they can't adjust it again. It's all about testing things out. Usually the extremes are to see how the community handles it, and if done properly, it eventually reaches a balanced medium.

So many games do this. I try not to focus on the changes until it's actually written in stone (won't change again).

moomoo3191576d ago

this is a pretty logical thread and im sure the commments wont go unnoticed. Devs look at everything. Lets hope they take note.

PFFT1576d ago

Bubb+ I highly agree. 2-3 PC per named boss kill is ridiculous. I say 5 per kill would have been the sweet spot.

dms52231576d ago

Massive reads the division Reddit and even posts in it. They hear our feedback. If you have constructive feedback, I recommend posting there!

brokenbracket1574d ago

Thanks dms5223, heading there now!

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