The Division’s Dark Zone is Suffering From a Lack of Trolls

CRAVE: "There's not a lot of player-killing in this PvP mode, and I don't like it one bit."

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Genuine-User1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I prefer it this way. Last night I was robbed of some seriously good loot; and a lot of it.

Killustrious1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I agree, I definitely prefer it this way as well. I try to typically be peaceful but there's certain moments when people aggravate me and I have to hunt them down. For example, the other day my friend and I had probably one of the most intense moments I've ever experienced on an online video game.

We were entirely out of med-kits and ammo, running towards the safe house in the Dark Zone to get some ammo and then make our way to the nearest extraction zone because I had a pretty high quality vest. Then a swarm of higher level NPCs surrounded us and killed us because we didn't have any ammo and were trapped.

Then, after we died, I saw someone take the vest I was trying to extract. Earlier, that same guy killed me when I was trying to help him kill some other agents who were Rogue, so I had a strong dislike towards this guy already... him picking up that vest made it worse. So after we spawned, my friend and I hunted down that guy, killed him and his friend who he was with and took back my vest. We were right by the respawn zone so they kept coming back trying to kill us, but they were about two levels lower than us both and our gear was obviously better so they stood no chance. There was a manhunt on my head after we killed them a few times, so we set an extraction on the other side to get away and we did. Definitely the best experience I've had in the DZ so far.

cheeko1582d ago

that sounds fun? i say dont go in the dark zone if you CANT HANDLE LOSING SOME PIXELS.

C-H-E-F1582d ago

Haha cool story, Yeah we have intense moments like that all the time. We normally run in 2 groups of 4 in the DZ. However, earlier on I was running with 4 of my friends and we let these 2 guys in our "group" and we played with them for about 5 minutes. and when we got to the extraction they double teamed each one of us and killed us. "We were in position around the extraction so we were literally by ourselves in a sense". It was bad. After that we vowed to never let anyone in the group. The people we go in with is all that will be in the group haha. Now when we see someone if they try to join we tell them they can't and to keep it moving or die. Well when you have 8 people with you it makes them think twice about trying to steal your loot haha.

DarthZoolu1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Peace is a lie. I would enjoy nothing more than grouping with you then killing you and taking your loot. But we set up ambushes . We will see you go in then we will chill and watch TV and smoke dabs, then when you are done, we put you down. DARKSIDE

cmgs1582d ago

Going rogue is the point of DZ. You might not like it but this is not how it's supposed to work. There is no difference with pve besides you get to see random players with 0 purpose.

rdgneoz31582d ago

Problem is, there's no real point to going rogue atm. The rewards are crap compared to what you can lose and the timer for killing a bunch of people is insanely high. They also made it so you can't change zones when you go rogue, so you can't evade people easily (which lets people escape easily to another zone that you can't go to).

You might get some good loot (purples drop like candy and people are looking for HE gear really), but you might die and lose a bunch of keys, cash, xp, and any loot you have. Unless they buff rewards for going rogue, you'll see people not wanting to fight others.

Genuine-User1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Double post.

Lennoxb631582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Well the point of the Dark Zone is to retrieve loot. Thing is. If you go off shooting people for their own loot, you'll be hunted down.

I've noticed a trend of people shooting people at the extraction point that don't have contaminated items. Makes sense, since if you don't have any items to extract, you don't belong there. And are most likely waiting to get the drop on someone who does.

2pacalypsenow1582d ago

Had a player attempt to steal my loot, unlucky for him he was level 10 and me and 3 of my friends were all level 23 (We were passing by the lower level areas :-b)

TwoForce1582d ago

Last night, i killed two rouge agents.

rdgneoz31582d ago

The first level grouping of the DZ is 1 to 14 (and you only gain rank in the DZ, not levels), and then broken up by 5s till the 30 only bracket. Unless that was a typo and you meant 13, not likely you were 13 levels higher than him.

EFFIN_Adduce1582d ago

It could of been a level 10 that switched brackets to join one of their friends who was in that 20-24 bracket he was in.

Tetsujin1582d ago

I can't tell if this is satire or the author is whining about not being able to go rogue on their own terms.


Good. I'd rather players mind their own business so when harder experiences are released instead of "you shot me in the DZ I'm not helping you" it's "wanna join?"

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