HTC Vive is the real deal, but for how long?

Joe from GamersFTW writes: "There are moments in life when you’ll find yourself have to make a decision that will fix on one side of history; it will be as if you’re standing in front of two closed doors. One leads to the future and the exciting unknown, which encourages you to take a brave leap into the undecided; the other leads to obscurity, perhaps the status quo remaining unchanged, and things carrying on as though whatever happened before, no matter how much it shook you prior to walking through this door, was now no more than a blip on the Richter scale. These moments may concern all sorts of things; love, careers, lunch. In this case, it’s a matter of opinion that will either put you on the right or wrong side of history, and you don’t know which side you’ll be on until you make a stand and say what you think. So, here’s what I think: VR is the future of gaming. It is not a fad; it’s not a gimmick; it is the real deal."

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Yukes3049d ago

Very philosophical take on VR! I think I'm still erring on the "wrong" side of history, but only because I think VR needs more time to fully realise its potential.

Flatty933049d ago

Cool article. Only had a brief go on an Occulus Rift and wasn't completely sold on it. Still really unsure about VR, think it still needs more time.

Shillmeister3049d ago

HTC's Vive is definitely the most progressive VR tech that tries to push gaming into a new realm - especially with the motion controllers and position sensing. But I don't think it'll come out on top this first generation of VR against the Oculus, simply because Oculus is less demanding in the real-world space requirements.

HTC may have peaked a little too early and perhaps should've played it safer with focusing on the headset alone - a-la Oculus - rather than making a more immersive VR tech that few can fully utilise. Especially given that the VR concept of sitting with a headset strapped to your face will be most odd to the mainstream, let alone doing so and then trusting yourself to move around a small space!

kneon3048d ago

The position sensing is just too awkward with that big cable hanging off your head and getting tangled around your feet.

Until they can go wireless VR is best enjoyed sitting down. And going wireless may be a long way off as they need to ensure latency is as low as possible.

ABBAJESUS3048d ago

HTC Vive 2 and Oculus Rift 2 are the devices i am waiting for.

s45gr323048d ago

I definitely would check out the VR Arcades first, then buy the VR headset.


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Jingsing121d ago

It could be free and it wouldn't matter at this point. There isn't really a PCVR Market and I say that as a PCVR user. It is modders and enthusiasts with a few retail products on Steam.


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GamerLov3265d ago

At least for now I prefer the real life parties lol

FinalFantasyFanatic264d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone is going to the VR chat Halloween Party already.


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