H1Z1 Can Teach Us How to Improve Early Access

Here’s a hypothetical to ponder: If you sat down at a banquet—for which you had paid ahead—for a steak dinner at a price of $X and before it arrives, the server returns to apologize that not all of the fixings are available for the sides, but they still have the steak to cook and serve you; would you still want it? And if you did, how would you feel if, once the steak arrived, you took a couple bites, only to have the server return to take your steak away and replace it with a burger and fries?

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LordMaim1572d ago

The inclusion of the phrase "Early Access" should end this discussion fairly quickly. If you want a feature complete product, wait for the final release. If you want to help the developer test and improve the product, providing your feedback to make everyone's experience better, and you're willing to put up with bugs and incomplete features in order to get "Early Access" to a work in progress, then by all means dive in. You don't go to a grocery store and expect them to serve you dinner.