Star Fox Zero adds invincible mode for beginners, internet reacts

Star Fox Zero includes an invincible mode for players new to the series, Nintendo design chief Shigeru Miyamoto has said.

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Atomicjuicer1960d ago

Seems fine to me.

Most publishers want to charge for cheat codes (sorry DLC unlocks) these days.

freshslicepizza1960d ago

any game should have the option to skip past a part that is too much of a challenge for some as long as the games difficulty is not impacted to others. you paid for the game so why not be able to skip chapters or levels at your convenience? there have been games in the past that i just don't have the patience to keep trying. most of the time it came down to trying to perfect the control or jump or something.

i just don't see why anyone else would care how others play the game if it doesn't impact them.

JoeDaniel1960d ago

Exactly, not to mention some people want to experience a game without having the patience or desire to master everything and be an expert..

Knushwood Butt1960d ago

I like watching streams of people playing stuff I can't beat.

freshslicepizza1960d ago

i remember there was some conflict over the rewind feature in racing games like grid and forza and i was like, who the hell cares? how does that feature hurt or impact anyone else who doesn't want to use it?

this is why often times the gaming community is mocked and laughed at, just how much people will complain about anything.

JuleyJules1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I keep reading 'oh, obviously Nintendo did this for kids' but kids are often the ones who just sit down, play and figure it out! I am often getting kids I know to get me past certain things in games.

I don't have the patience to keep trying the same section over and over again. Having this as an option is good so more people can get further in the game to experience more of it.

Some people will never use an option like this but at least it's there.

Choice - that's all this is and it's a good thing. Options are always good.

The one and only game I have ever finished is Bayonetta 2 and yes, on the easy setting, but at least I got to experience finishing a game and see it all the way through. That would never happen on a more difficult setting.

pcz1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

nintendo are doing it wrong by giving players invincibility without even working for it. it gives them no incentive to work at the game or to improve their skills.

i think an invincibility mode would be great in starfox as a reward for completing the game. i would welcome a system similar to goldeneye 007 on the n64 where the game has cheats that are unlocked if you complete special tasks. so for example, you could unlock invincibility if you make it through a certain level without getting hit once. or, unlimited bombs if you kill over a specific amount of enemies in a level. that would make it fun- it encourages people to play the game and get better.

handing people invincibility on a plate is lame and really defeats the object of playing games

Hoffmann1960d ago ShowReplies(11)
1960d ago
Dubaman1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

So the headline focusses on the 'easy mode' for reactions, yet makes no mention of the 'hard mode' which is also being implemented? As well as the article itself only briefly mentioning it: "There will also be a mode where players both take and deal out extra damage for players who have mastered the game's normal set of difficulties."

Seriously, what is it with sites and people only half-reporting on Nintendo, twisting information and facts to basically create clickbait using people's hate as a catalyst? Considering 'Nintendo is doomed', any news or article about them seems to gain incredible internet traffic and attention - i wonder why that is.

Hoffmann1960d ago

Articles related to Nintendo are often very one-sided these days.

Dubaman1960d ago Show
AKR1960d ago

Very true, Hoffmann.
As a writer for a pro-Nintendo site (Nintendo Enthusiast), I can say that we're one of the few who try and balance it out; we don't white knight for Nintendo, but nor do we try and pummel them in the ground like most others. Case-in-point, we give the both credit and criticism, equally.

I'm not sure where the negativity against Nintendo started, but people sure do love it for some reason.

shaenoide1960d ago

They also add an hard mode too. People should stop complaining for nothing.

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