Hitman’s release might be a mess, but the game could be a series best - VG247

Agent 47 is back, and Hitman is a puzzle game once again. I’ll never quite forget the first time I saw 2012’s Hitman Absolution in action. A few things made that E3 demo particularly memorable. For one, the air conditioning in the box of a presentation room was broken, leaving the 30-minute demo sweltering and uncomfortable. The volume was cranked up hugely perhaps to distract from this fact, and inception-style ‘bwahhh’ horns in the demo practically blew my eardrums. Afterwards IO Interactive staff handed over super-cool business cards etched into metal with edges so sharp it might actually pass as a concealed weapon.

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FoxyGotGame948d ago

For me..this is the best Hitman in years. I really enjoyed playing through each scenario/mission multiple times because the addiction of doing things 'just right' is so alluring.

Can't wait for the next destination )

Hold_It948d ago

Completely agree. I think most people bashing the game are the ones who never liked Hitman, or weren't going to buy the game in general.

2pacalypsenow948d ago

Or players who hate the fact the game got downgraded to an episodic game. I have been playing Hitman since 2000 on the PC and is waiting till the full retail game played the beta and loved the game, but will not support this stupid episodic crap.

FrostXVenom948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Yeah Paris mission is amazing,nice large map and with great replay value,i will play it again to reveal more opportunities to complete the mission and challenges.

curtis92948d ago

This is a rare case of watching a franchise go the complete wrong way (Absolution) and then getting to watch it go back to greatness. The episodic part is a bummer, but if that's bugging you the disc will be out early 2017.

Picnic947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Anyone complaining about it being episodic is stupid. Why would they rather us all wait until 2017 when every level has been made before we can play even one level?
This isn't a story driven game so much as a puzzle game, a game of glimpsed conversations, unique character 'interactions' (like slowly killing a room by throwing coins and hiding underneath a balcony each time to launch stationery). The game initially looks almost austerely sterile in graphics but, when you play the Paris level, you realise that the best has been kept until last and, as it opens up location after location, it's like unwrapping a present that you can either carefully handle or sneakily destroy. It's a game of beautifully delayed satisfaction. (which saving allows you to go combat crazy from time to time to deliberately replay it in a more realistic matter a minute or so later.) It's Lady Boyle's Last Party level from Dishonored basically only at the highest social classes throughout and with far more opportunity to escape and hide around substantial grounds, plotting small and large surprises of your own as everyone else has their own plans. It's a game of intrusion and you can kill time rather than kill people (apart from your 1 or 2 targets of course).