The 5 best Easter Eggs in Fallout 4

Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "Bethesda's titan sized RPG open-world game is certainly a lot to traipse through, even four months since its initial release. The Wasteland is so large and vast, it can be very easy to miss those fun little trinkets that developers like to put in. So if you're done saving everyone and everything, why not take a walk around and really take in your surroundings."

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Maple221573d ago

Ah, Fallout 4. The gift that keeps on giving. I'm going to purposefully hunt for these now :)

mogwaii1573d ago

The alien crash landing had me so excited when it soar over head into the distance leaving a smoke trail, i thought "what the f**k" and desperatly made my way in the direction of the trail and when i found the crash sight i was thinking "imagine you could get into the ship and go to his planet....itd be a better option than sticking around this place and no more dangerous".
I didnt want to kill the alien but alas no choice as he aint friendly, lol.

SolidStoner1573d ago

and you get that unique gun, I sadly missed that part when it crashed, but when I found it, it was fun enough, and I was lucky enough to find that cave just by luck, only after I found there was a green blood trail leading into cave..

My personal favorite Fallout moment is Silver Shroud missions with that funky radio!

loving Fallout for these kind of things..

MrsNesbitt1573d ago

Silver Shroud is one of my favourites!

Phoenix761573d ago

I'm here to pick up an order, two large pepperoni pizzas's and a side order of calzone. The names "fuck you". Is my fave line in the game