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"We're still early in 2016, but we've already made room for The Division in our game of the year list."

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Old McGroin1576d ago

"While walking down the street you'll hear Christmas songs coming from a radio far away, or the screams of victims feeling rioters"

Lol, screams of victims feeling rioters? This is not the genre of video game I was led to believe it was.

REDGUM1576d ago

There's nothing wrong with feeling up rioters..... is there?

This game is sounding better and better with every new review. lol.

Gaming_Machine1576d ago

How can "Mediocre story, Repetitive missions and minor technical problems" only result in a single point dropped off the score?

Sopota1576d ago

They don't want to lose that good advertising money. The only reviews you can trust are from small websites with no hidden interests and the ones who feed from subscriber fees.
Big gaming sites can't be trusted for years.