Renegade Kid Once Pitched A GBA Port Of Demon's Crest To Capcom, But Was Rebuffed

Demon's Crest is one of the true underrated gems of the SNES library, yet it sold terribly upon its initial release back in 1994. In issue 100 of Nintendo Power it was even reported that the game had registered negative sales one week, as more people returned it for a refund than bought it. Thankfully, Capcom thought highly enough of this excellentGhouls 'n Ghosts spin-off to publish it on the Virtual Console, where it can be enjoyed for a fraction of its current market value on the SNES.

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Geobros1573d ago

Demon's Crest was a great game. I hope to see a sequel by Capcom or renegade.

AizenSosuke1573d ago

I want to see a sequel (Glares at Capcom).

rjason121573d ago

It just goes to show that companies like them aren't likely to take risks, even though I'm sure rk would have done great work for the companies, and I doubt it would have costed them much.