Lionhead Studios Closure Has Dashed My Hopes of Playing God Again

Jo from GamersFTW writes: "Amidst all the noise about Microsoft closing down Lionhead Studios, along with many others, it reminded me of a game I had long forgotten about but enjoyed playing immensely. Although Lionhead’s most popular title is probably Fable, there is another which captured my imagination and my heart due to the adorable creatures and simple but challenging strategy gameplay."

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MrsNesbitt1005d ago

Loved Black and White! What a shame.

curtis921004d ago

You guys act as if they were working all these beloved franchsies. They weren't. They were suck in the mud doing dead-end games for MS. Now that they've been let go, they'll probably be MORE likely to develop the kind of games they should've been developing in the first place.

MrsNesbitt1004d ago

I hope they go on to bigger and better things, I'm sure the devs will. But Black and White was a great game.

AizenSosuke1005d ago

The day studio was close was destiny because in the past they got acquire by Microsoft(fate was sealed).

Scatpants1005d ago

Almost everything they made was disappointing and sub par anyway.