PS3 Keypad a Gimmick?

Brutal Gamer writes:

"Sony recently announced their anwser to the 360's messenger pad but where Microsoft got it so right, Sony seem to have got it so wrong."

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Caxtus7505808d ago

sorry! was half asleep :( thanks for the info

mohib-uddin79865325808d ago (Edited 5808d ago )

Hellbringer please try to change comment or it may start a war

Also anyone can think of a game key pad its not soemthing ms invented. it something simple

and ms have patented 5000 idea for xbox live just so sony cant improve? Want proof?

Caxtus7505808d ago

No I do not need proof. As a gamer I don't care about patents for this and that. I simply want the best product available.

Im sure MS do have patents but that doesn't stop it having a better design in my opinion. Likewise, Sony have many patents meaning that the 360 could never have products as good as the Eyetoy for example.

mohib-uddin79865325808d ago (Edited 5808d ago )

They patented 5000 simple idea such as Spectatin and some kind of friend system and soundtrack system in game

Very simple yet they were allowed to patent. The supreme court says anything under the son that is made by man can be patented. This is cheap and not fair

and yet MS is happy that they did something like this http://www.microsoft.com/pr...

Caxtus7505808d ago

Why are you aiming it all at MS?

Every company does this...you sound like a fanboy...

mohib-uddin79865325808d ago (Edited 5808d ago )

5000 simple ideas?

Thats just insnane. So dispciable dont you think

You probably dont have a mind if you dont think 5000 patents for xbox live is crazy?

Caxtus7505808d ago

It is a little high but it would be interesting to know what Nintendo had for the Wii.

mohib-uddin79865325808d ago (Edited 5808d ago )

By the way. Dont you even know what a patent is?

bubbles please, gave you one for keeping up this conversation

in sha allah (if god wills it) this article will be 100dgrs even before its approved

Caxtus7505808d ago

A patent is something protecting an idea or design right? ie stopping copy-cat versions. 5000 is a lot and it may help explain why the PSN isn't quite what it should be. Any idea as to where I can find a list?

bubbles to you for keeping the conversation aslo :)

mohib-uddin79865325808d ago


you can search all of MS patents there

however searching patents is so complicated you need to get a degree to now how to really search. you have to be a patent broker. i dotn really know how to search.

But that is the U.S patent office

Kenshin_BATT0USAI5808d ago (Edited 5808d ago )

why the hell would I need to change comment, the poster got my message, it wasn't fanboyish or anything, just told him to correct a mistake on the submission of the article, my comment wasn't even about the article itself.

btw there are many many loop holes in patents, plus, small changes in design of idea can be considered innovation, thus completely bypassing patents, remember that little patent of custom music? Yeah Sony bypassed it easily. and its nothing new either, everyone does it, its over things get better.

call it forced innovation if you like.

Overr8ed5808d ago

ITs not a gimmick if it was then it would sell like the wii, am going to buy this thing am tried of typing long messages with the Controller


Actually, there was this third party peripheral for PS3 from MadCatz. Almost all the same configurations, also comes on top of the controller. It came way before anyone was even talking the 360 peripheral, in fact, I have seen it like in March 2007.

So, technically, PS3 isn't copying 360, Sony is actually comepting with a third party peripheral or trying to push to the light this possibility with the controller.

And yes, PS2 have keyborad-controllers way before. And PS3 compatible.

The way I see, this don't matter since we should get DiNovo Edge Mini/Micro (don't remember the name, but it's about the same size of a PSP, a built-in mousepad and it's independent bluetooth accessory, don't need to plug in the controller) in almost no time now... Not to say, you can just use any keyboard (but there is the size problem, but I think that a standard mini kb - a basic kb without number pad, arrows and delete/page up area - can solve this).

sumfood4u5808d ago

i prefer the good ol keyboard in the usb + controller for fighting! big hands wont like the little button to smash when typing!

Adamalicious5808d ago

The DiNovo Mini is sweet, but too pricey for me ($132) - I don't think it would be useful enough to justify that price. But if I can get something like this to add on to a PS3 controller in the $20-$40 range I'll be happy - it'll save me lot's of time when I'm messaging on my PS3.

StephanieBBB5808d ago


This is why Sony or Nintendo can't make an voice chat in-game. M$ has officialy no moral.

godofthunder105808d ago

ie been hearing that sony is the inovator and microsoft and nintendo are just following and copping from sony.I'm tired of hearing this because it's a lie,they all copy each other and that's a fact.

here's a few things that sony coppied from the other two

1-moition controller from nintendo

2-microsoft started online play first

3-the keypad they are talking about

4-while we are on it,they had a video game system out before atari even had one out.Now if any one want to claim that sony,microsoft,atari,and nintendo coppied off of them with video game systems then they are right.

and they have more things then this.Don't get me wrong microsoft and nintendo coppies to.they all coppied things from each other and that's a fact.I'm just tired of reading ps3 fanboys crap that sony never coppied from any one and they were the first one to come out with things and the other 2 coppied from them and it's far from the truth.the fact is that sony never came up with 1 original ideal of their on when it comes to video game systems.sony didn't come out first with

1-videogame systems
2-moition controllers
4-wireless controllers
5-online gameplay

don't get me wrong they made some things better that's it.i would like to see The ps3 fanboys proof that sony never coppied things from anyone especially these thing.

BLuKhaos5808d ago

I believe that Sega was the first to do Online Console gaming,not MS.

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mohib-uddin79865325808d ago

ms have patented 5000 idea for xbox live just so sony cant improve?

dispicable dont you think

Caxtus7505808d ago

(thanks for the info about commenting in both zones).

You know my views on this so I wont carry on. It is business, every company does it.

mohib-uddin79865325808d ago (Edited 5808d ago )

Here i made an already done search of Microsoft for you


"in= inventor name* Look at those stupid patents. they should not even be allowed to b patented

change it to sony if you want . change in to sony