Call of Duty 3 Wii Details

Speaking about the innovations Wii's remote offers to enhance the series, Nouriani says, "Typically, the reticule in CoD games is centered on the screen. With the [Wii] game, because of its accelerometers and a position-pointing device in the actual remote, we've freed the player up. We're going to be spending quite a bit of time in the coming months tweaking that until we get it just right."

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Gamer136202d ago

I love playing call duty 2 on my 360, call duty 3 should be a blast.

PS360PCROCKS6202d ago

COOL!!! with the wiimote it should be rediculous fun

Lucidmantra6202d ago

agreed.. I hope the gfx dont take that much of a hit since the difference is rather large between what the Wii and the ps3/xb360 can push.

Tsalagi6202d ago (Edited 6202d ago )

People with experience shooting guns are going to kick a$$ at this game online. Think about it, with the Wiimote you are going to have to have some kind of hand-eye coordination to point at the screen and shoot moving targets.

jinn5512d ago

save the money for COD4