The Key Issue Most Of The Division Reviews Fail To Mention – Boss of Boredom

PixleGate writes:

''There’s one criticism that a number of The Division reviews fail to mention. It’s a pretty big deal, the lack of coverage produces some suspicions over just how much the reviewer has played. On the surface, most reviews say it’s a basic third person shooter driven by repeating mission structure and looting. While that is true, the lack of boss mechanics is a vital flaw that must be mentioned, yet rarely is.''

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trunkswd1571d ago

Nice read and some good points. A lot of games suffer from being repetitive.

PixelGateUk1571d ago

Hopefully the coming content solves it, so far end game is just a long grind with very little change up

-Foxtrot1571d ago

Yeah but that's content you'll have to fork more money out for, playing right into what Ubisoft wants.

1571d ago
xPhearR3dx1571d ago

Play challenge mode. It requires a lot of teamwork and cooperation compared to just everyone running up behind cover, spamming abilities and firing.

frostypants1571d ago

@-Foxtrot, they want to make money? Those bastards.

thekhurg1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

The boss fights aren't amazing. But they're less annoying than destiny encounters, so it's still a win.

trenso11570d ago

@foxtrot jesus man give it a rest you don't like the game you probably didn't even buy it. Why do you feel the need to whine in every division article. Who hurt you? Just look up games you actually are interested in.

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GHOSTxx4201571d ago

I agree with this article also im already getting pretty bored of the division.

TFJWM1571d ago

How many hours have you played it?

GHOSTxx4201571d ago

1 day 15 hrs so ive played quite a bit

Vegamyster1571d ago


39 hours is a fair bit considering the game just turned a week old.

Letthewookiewin1571d ago

Ya man 39 hours in such a short time would burn anyone out. Take a break and then come back to it.

GHOSTxx4201571d ago

Its more then being burnt out, as i wasnt the only one that was playing on my account. Its just there is barely any variety in the missions, they all seems to be the same.

Pongwater1571d ago

@Ghost - Then you haven't played for 1 day and 15 hours as you claimed above. lol

BlackWolf121570d ago


The Division is so awesome that people can get burnt out and need a break after one week.

Destiny took about 6 months of heavy playing every single day for me to even begin to get burnt out, and it took another 3 months for me to decide to take a break.

Mexxan1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Same rules apply to gaming in general. Pick another past time. How does fishing sound? NO. WAIT! it's boring because I'm doing the same thing over and over. Tell you what,just chill out, relax and maybe don't think so much about it. Have a snooze. NO. WAIT! Your sleeping AGAIN! It's so boring! So repetitive...

That's just the nature of gaming. I remember playing Space Invaders in the arcades - repetitive, yet amazing.

If your bored with it. Don't play it, go part ex it for something. Who gives a shit.

PixelGateUk1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

You didnt even read the post, you just reacted to the title...that or you're posting off topic.

Also sleeping is a required body function. The fact you used it as an example is a little worrying mate :D

Khaotic1571d ago

I'm pretty sure he is allowed free speech without you being condescending...mate

dms52231571d ago

His post was meant to be a satire poke at how ridiculous everyone is getting with how much content / repetitiveness a game has.

Mexxan1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Cheers to the guys above, appreciate that all opinions can be aired - right or wrong, it shouldn't matter, it's just an opinion.

Yes, I did read the article. For me, boss mechanics being vastly different from regular npcs would take it out of a real world setting, and give it more of a arcade/action element. Tougher versions of the regular enemies is about right. The reason why it's not mentioned in reviews is because it's a none-issue - seems pretty logical to me. As for the rush to get reviews out while 'hot', isn't it the same to get potentially negative articles out asap to get maximum hits?

Again, gaming and all aspects of it a repetitive and cyclic by nature for me, that's how I get better at playing games and why I get enjoyment and a sense of achievement. Rather than a huge expose on these mechanics, maybe the author should have played it on hard instead for a more challenging fight?

PixelGateUk1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

'As for the rush to get reviews out while 'hot', isn't it the same to get potentially negative articles out asap to get maximum hits? '

Ah this old nugget. Plenty of positive posts on the site too.

'' For me, boss mechanics being vastly different from regular npcs would take it out of a real world setting, and give it more of a arcade/action element.''

Explain the last boss in the game then? please, go ahead and explain as that is vastly different and actually has mechanics.

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Kurdishcurse1571d ago

Meh...its not anyones fault the devision devs are almost talentless. If you like seeing and doing the same things over and over than woopty doo for u! I like creativity and variety in my games. "Chilling out" isnt justifying the sheer idiocy of ubisoft. I dont get why people dont critisize what they love, do you want this game to improve? No? Fine. Having just one enemy type in the whole freakin game is what i consider completely lazy and talentless.

GHOSTxx4201571d ago

Don't forget alot of building layouts are the same lol

PixelGateUk1571d ago

its not the chilling out part I took issue with. The problem is he looked at the headline and assumed I was calling the whole game boring, when I'm specificity talking about the lack of boss mechanics.

I like the game, but there's so many basic issues with it that reviews fail to cover. On the flip side, there's positive reviews have failed to cover. Too much rushing to get a review out while the game is 'hot'. It's creating reviews that don't reflect the product. It's like reviewing a film based on a trailer.

In fairness, same happened fro Wow's expansions, wild star, destiney's core release (I mean it got 9/10 ffs), EOS. The list could go on.

n4rc1571d ago

Let's look at it this way.. In a semi-realistic settings, what enemy types do you want?

Its not like we can add zombies or aliens.. Its just people.

Some rush with bats, some snipe etc.. Not sure what you are looking for here

dms52231571d ago


Are you sure you have played the whole game? I just started squaring up against the LMB faction and their AI is vastly different than the thugs with a bat you fight at the start. I had to adjust my tactics. The same with the cleaners.

Granted it's not a night and day different but I'm a satisfied customer. Haven't even tried challenge mode yet.

I do agree that a bigger boss variety would be cool, maybe bosses that can only take damage from their exposed back or something. But I'll reserve judgment until we see the incursion mission (raid?).

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wsoutlaw871571d ago

Wow, are you embarrassed over how defensive you are over a game, because i am for you

PixelGateUk1571d ago

Defensive? I'm merely pointing out issues with a number of reviews. I mean if you want reviews that are reflections of the product, them good for you and sign up to ign I guess.

Then again, you're a outlaw, dem Bon jovi fans

wsoutlaw871571d ago

I'm not sure what you are taking about and I didn't reply to you.

PixelGateUk1571d ago

My bad, it's hard to tell who replies to who on the mobile version of the site. Sorry mate!

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FITgamer1571d ago

I'm just waiting to see how my friends who bought it feel about in month or two. Then i'll decide whether or not i'll pick it up. These style of games should honestly not be reviewed without at minimum 2 weeks of play time.

Grave1571d ago

You should be playing it now, in a month or two your friends will be max level waiting for the DLC to drop.

FITgamer1571d ago

I already know 3 people at max level, at least for PVE, not the Dark Zone.

wsoutlaw871571d ago

A lot of people are already maxed and its easy to go up a ton of levels fast by joining friends

iceman061571d ago

Well, if his friends are cool, they'll start a second character and teach him the ropes.

Pongwater1571d ago

"Well, if his friends are cool, they'll start a second character and teach him the ropes."

Absolutely. I've got three different characters so far, and may be adding a fourth soon if my little brother gets the game. I'm loving The DIvision personally.

n4rc1571d ago

I have 16 friends playing division.. About half are 30/30 already..

Im worried about content lasting but enjoying it quite a bit regardless..

UnHoly_One1571d ago

Honest question here...

What reason is there to start a second character in this game? (Other than just to play and level with somebody new of course.)

I mean, unless I missed something from the betas, there are no character classes, and all your perks and skills can be reassigned at any time, right?

So every character is essentially identical, save for their gear, correct?

n4rc1570d ago

Ya I think it's fairly pointless.. But seeing as even your sunglass choice is locked for life lol.. Making a new one may be fun

Not even sure if you can share gear between them

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-Foxtrot1570d ago

Like Destiny and other games like this people will be complaining in a month or two time how boring it is

I really don't get how people are really getting into defending this. Made to be repetitive so you'll buy the DLC

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