Why we must demand an end to repetitive games

Are bloated sandbox games wasting our time with fetch quests and where does the line fall between value for money and pointless filler?

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Kipster1578d ago

Massive, hundred hour games are pitched as being great value for gamers, but ironically they don't value our time. While a few games legitimately do require an large investment of time, far too many pad out their content with pointless cookie cutter collectables. Why have I got to run around collecting 100 donkey scrotums? For a trophy? Screw that! Give me a leaner, more focused game and concentrate on creating interesting content that lasts 10 hours, rather than bland repetitive stuff that lasts 100. That's real value.

Pandamobile1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Agreed. Open world games (especially Ubisoft's) have become so bland and formulaic in recent years that it's hard to even care about them at this point.

Unless your idea of fun is grinding through collection quests and climbing watch towers, that is.

Yui_Suzumiya1578d ago

Which is why Fallout is the only open world series I enjoy besides Red Dead. More interested in story driven material such as The Last of Us, BioShock, Life is Strange.. ect.. Ironically, I loved Dragon Age: Inquisition.. Despite some light padding and fetch quests, it was still heavily story driven..

TimelessDbz1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Fall out , Witcher 3, and the list goes on. Are all repetitive . Anything open world is repetitive. "I" flat out can not stand open world games.

roguedragon11578d ago

I got to admit I hated collecting those donkey scrotum's grand theft donkey return of the scrotum snatcher.

KiwiViper851578d ago

I crafted them into a lovely scarf.

showtimefolks1578d ago

repetitive games are here to stay because gamers speak with their wallets and every publisher/developer/investor has seen how well destiny did

The division is just the latest to do the whole repetitive game stuff and i am sure many more to come SADLY

The 10th Rider1578d ago

Eh, it's just what's 'in' now. Short, mostly multiplayer shooters were all the rage for a while . . . Now it's repetitive open world games. As we get into the next gen people will move onto something else.

_-EDMIX-_1578d ago

Really depends on the gamer. Some don't mind and some games by nature or sorta like that.

I do like games that have a whole mess of variety, but I do like games that have a steady concept even if its repetitive, if its fun....I'm down to play it.

Many, many games might fall into this category but I still play and like them. I do like variety yes, but I'm also fine with games that have a steady concept that could be seen as repetitive.

As strange as it sounds, some are fine with that concept. Some titles I want the variety, some I'm fine with being the way it is.

Consider Fallout you do many of the same things, loot, kill, sell, survive, repeat.

Sure...that could be seen as repetitive.......I actually don't care LOL! Its not saying variety is bad, merely that I'm fine with what certain titles are, even if someone sees it differently as what more are you really asking of such games?

Simulations? Real life? At some point I think many of you forget what the concept of some of those games are.

Yes, you go on many quest in Fallout or Witcher were you kill, heal, loot repeat etc, but to many.....that cycle is fun. For me, I like that cycle and I don't really ask much of the team to focus on other concepts that don't really fit the game.

When someone is saying titles like Bioshock, Fallout, Witcher, Dragon Age are um "all repetitive", might as well stop gaming as this game they are seeking likely will never exist.

To hear someone say Red Dead is "all repetitive" is just enough for me to ignore a whole lot of you lolz.

The GTA series and Red Dead 2 is as variety as it gets in gaming.

Racing, Mini games, side quest etc, to want more, imho is just an unrealistic want.

I'm content to like certain games, even if others legit feel they are um "all repetitive". So what if I like to kill, loot, search, craft and repeat in Fallout? Buddies...I'll do that for the next Fallouts and still not care. New features are nice, but I'm in it to do the cycle, no matter what other folks think.

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-Foxtrot1578d ago

How are we going to do that when an obvious repetitive game comes out and people defend it and praise it only for them to snap out of it a month or so later and go "Oh god...why did I buy this day 1, the naysayers were right...WHAT HAVE I DONE"...but never learn their lesson the following year with another game.

Developers won't change unless we do...and since some of us can't learn from past mistakes, become realists and actual prepare for the worse despite the industry these days not being sunshine and roses it used to be I don't think it will.

Lets see what happens with Ghost Recon Wild Lands. Looks very impressive so far, like most Ubisoft games when they are first announced but lets actually see what happens. I bet if it ends up having the same old "find a region on the map, locate a tower/radio beacon, climb/destroy it and unlock it" like Assassins Creed, Watch Dogs and Far Cry people will still defend it until release, after they buy it and over a month until it sinks in. By then the damage is done, they have your money.


The good old days.

vanity291578d ago

But i like rocket league :(

-Foxtrot1578d ago

Is Rocket League on the 4th-5th game or a copy and pasted model from another game with hardly any big changes to make them both feel differen't? Nope. I think Rocket League gets a pass, it's not like it was a huge retail AAA game.

Pongwater1577d ago

A broken clock is right twice a day, and people who complain about everything are right to complain every once in awhile. That's about sums up the track record of the chronic naysayers.

mixelon1578d ago

You can't really demand an end to repetitive games. Some people love repetitive games. Some people would prefer a lot of things to be padded with busywork while others want a quick thing.

People grind MMOs, Ubisoft titles, Mahjong, Minecraft for 100s, 1000s of hours.

I quite like the fact you can rush through stories largely but there's a bunch of extra stuff if you want it there too. There's place in the market for both styles.

TFJWM1578d ago

Exactly! I do not understand when people say any style of game needs to end, people enjoy it otherwise they wouldn't buy it. If you don't enjoy them don't buy them, no reason to "end" them.

_-EDMIX-_1578d ago

Agreed. This doesn't need to be an either or.

Timesplitter141578d ago

The only way this can be done is by not buying those games in the first place

ritchi451578d ago

You could always not buy those games, and instead spend your money on something else.

SolidDuck1578d ago

No people would rather spend there time complaining about it. That's too logical.

jb2271578d ago

For me the issue is that there isn't much else being released these days. Seems like every AAA title is open world or online fps & every formerly linear franchise has went open world.

I am definitely spending my money only on games I enjoy, which is saving me money for sure, but it ain't strengthening my library much.

detroitmademe1578d ago

I don't understand. So you want a linear experience over open world? Open world isn't the problem . the problem is the people making open world games aren't pushing open world experiences forward. not many are being creative anymore.

Adrian_v011578d ago

There's nothing wrong with an open world. How it's implemented is the problem. Make an open world game that offers many side quests and optional content, but make it also possible to simply follow the story through the world like you would do in a linear game. Both types of gamers would have their share then.

_-EDMIX-_1578d ago

"every formerly linear franchise has went open world"


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