Learn How to Improve PS2 Graphics on PS3

If you are a PS3 owner, you have probably tried to play some PS2 games on it, given the fact that there aren't a large number of PS3 games available. You may have noticed that some games look way better on the PS2 , but now there is a fix for this, a homebrew solution discovered by a Sony fanboy.

Here is his solution to the problem: "All right, so currently my PS3 is connected to my TV via the HDMI and those cruddy composite cables -- the yellow, white, and red. Why both? Because my TV has channels dedicated to both. When I run a PS2 game on the HDMI channel, yeah, it looks bad. So what do I do? Go to my Display Settings and swap the PS3 back onto the 480i channel -- the channel most PS2 games were probably meant to be seen in. I think that's the problem -- PS2 games didn't plan on getting their resolutions increased so drastically. Anyway... so I swap it back to 480i and re-load the PS2 game and guess what? The text is gorgeous and the graphics look fine. I think. They don't look perfect, but it's a lot better than the HDMI shows."

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FFVIIFan5249d ago

It's more of a way around the problem as Sony really needs to release a firmware update to fix it, but this will do in the meantime.

dantesparda5249d ago

Im sorry but this a really bad solution! composite video!? give me a break me

MicroGamer5249d ago (Edited 5249d ago )

is that original XBox games aren't intended to run in 720p and 1080p but they upscale fine on 360. Sony did something seriously wrong if PS2 games won't upscale cleanly on PS3.

kornbeaner5249d ago

A\V cables or composite cables, because the 360 doesn't have an HDMI port.

MicroGamer5249d ago

I use the VGA cable with mine and all my old XBox games look better than they ever did. HDMI is supposed to be a higher quality connection than all the others. PS2 and PS1 games should look stunningly gorgeous on PS3 over HDMI, so why don't they??