Pokken Tournament with Wii U Pokken Tournament Pro Pad Bundle listed by GameStop

A Pokken Tournament with Wii U Pokken Tournament Pro Pad Bundle has been listed by GameStop. The retailer also revealed an exclusive preorder bonus for the product.

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WiiWareWave1579d ago

I hope that controller isnt like the Gamecube Adapter for WiiU. Id like to use it for more than one game.

Deathdeliverer1579d ago

The only game I can see this controller working for is part 2 if that ever exist. Still day one for me but I wish you could use the controller for more than player two when offline. Luckily I expect to play online more than anything.

Wyld-Woo1579d ago

I've alway used mayflash adapters as I can use my GC controller with most 'N' titles, apart from gamepad centic games i.e Splatoon. I paid about 8 quid when smash released. Mine is a single adapter but I believe they also do a four port version. Apart from Splatoon, I play all my Nintendo games with my GC controller.

DivineAssault 1579d ago

Only the second player can use it? SMDH

benji1011579d ago

It is for competitive play. It is for player 1.

DivineAssault 1578d ago

I know but for local MP, ill have to switch controllers with my opponent unless i buy 2.. Why cant one person use the pro and the other use this?