Pre-order Star Fox Zero at GameStop, get a “Star Fox Fighter Patch”

GameStop is running a special pre-order offer on Star Fox Zero. If you reserved the game, you’ll receive the “Star Fox Fighter Patch” pictured above.

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maxleresistant1574d ago

Can I get just the patch? They can keep this game

higgins781574d ago

Since you've clearly played enough of it to give your verdict "they can keep this game", care to list your pros and cons of it based on your time spent?

maxleresistant1574d ago

I played it, and I have no interest in playing it again with those control.
It was really frustrating.
The game was okay, but I'm not interested in an Ok game. I want a great Starfox, a deserving successor of Lylat Wars.
I'm not like all the other Nintendo fans that just buys anything with a Nintendo logo on it.
Now if the reviews proves otherwise, if the game actually become enjoyable to play after a few hours, maybe I'll get it.
But frankly, there is nothing that interest me in this game besides the Starfox name.

roguedragon11574d ago

Wow that's amazing I can hardly contain my excitement!

marloc_x1574d ago

day-one patch!?

A new low for Nintendo 😆

TorpeAlex1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

These are the E3 2015 patches they were handing out- pretty rare, I guess? I feel bad now that I've looked it up, I bought one months ago and cut out the Great Fox logo from the center to apply to my bag. Whoops.