New Xbox One Controllers: Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow Listed in Europe for 649Kr/$97

European video game and electronics retailer Media Markt has listed some new funky designs for the Xbox One’s controller over on its website.

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1580d ago

I love the fact that different coloured controllers keep on coming out. Gives one choice and a bit of customization in one's gaming area.

mikeslemonade1580d ago

The one thing Xbox excelled in this generation. The controllers are just amazing.

Hold_It1580d ago

They also show how limited edition consoles should be done.

mikeslemonade1580d ago

Yea I will give you that. The X1 chassis is more sleek.

1580d ago
secretcode1580d ago

GAH. Please come stateside... I need to see that blue one in person.

level 3601580d ago

Nothing against MS/XBox ONE making the pads in the same hue, but would be a struggle on some games that needs the exact color code ( yellow=Y, red=B, green=A, blue=X - small dotted code won't really help a lot in a distance ).

Both colors looks good though.

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