The Division Graphics Comparison

See how the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 versions of The Division stack up against each other.

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zidane13413043d ago

the people who are disagreeing are jackasses.

NarooN3043d ago

Maybe the people who disagreed... literally merely just disagreed with his statement? lol

Black0ut3043d ago

Indeed it does look great on all platforms. The visuals have amazed me since the beta!!

kickerz3043d ago

Very true. My only decision is, do I go PC for the better graphics or do I play on my Xbox one for better controller and friend lists... Hmmmm.

iistuii3043d ago

I had the same problem but it looks incredible maxed out on PC so I went that way. I do however use an Xbox elite controller linked to my tv, but I miss my Xbox friends that's the only regret I have...

II__BONE__II3043d ago

You still have friends on an Xbox?

zidane13413043d ago

bone, how original. too bad the xbox one has sold more then the 360 in the timespan, troll.

trenso13043d ago

Gameplay>graphics you will have a lot more fun with your friends than looking at game with better textures and no one to play it with.

iistuii3043d ago

@Tenso1 nah I like playing at a nice smooth framerate as well as better looking graphics, I'll find new friends no worries..

kickerz3043d ago

Nothing weird about it. Most people get whatever console suits them, and for me n my mates that is Xbox. Don't really care for this fanboy wars stuff.

Anomander3042d ago

Why not play it on PC with the Xbox Controller and have best of both worlds. With the 3rd person POV and cover system I think the controller would work better and you can just plug it in and go.

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fr0sty3043d ago

Neither version looks anywhere near as good as the first gameplay shown.

objdadon3043d ago

Agreed but it still looks damn good.

yezz3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )


Just lol at the people disagreeing with you. People who think that this game doesn't look good have ridiculously high standards. There are very few open world games that look as good or better..

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Blasphemy3042d ago

looks nothing like when they first showed it.

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R6ex3043d ago

Obvious console port! PC should have looked much better, had it been the lead development platform.

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UltimateMaster3043d ago

That depends on your PC, can't assume everyone has the same rig nor the same power.
In any case, they all pretty much look alike regardless which platform it is.

Zoombael3042d ago

Obviously you're clueless.

Fin_The_Human3043d ago

Every time I see articles like this I just think its one big pissing contest.

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Elit3Nick3043d ago Show
ntkennedy3043d ago

Sorry, accidental disagree, dang phones!

zidane13413043d ago

aqua, you sure are a special kind of person.

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XhiXExtreme3043d ago

you won't see the difference if your monitor ain't >3840x2160P and the video too also at fullscreen.. so yea, it's like looking at three fresh eggs of the same size and trying to guess which one has the most yolk in it because you can't see it...?

chrisx3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

PS4 looks better than the Xbone as expected.

Italiano12345673043d ago

The people that r disagreeing must own an Xbox...yes they all look good but the x1 version is clearly not as sharp and crisp...