Xbox 360 60GB Sales Appear "Sluggish" in UK According to Major Retailers

Sources from major game retailers GAME and Gamestation are reporting that sales for the latest SKU in the Xbox 360's lineup have been have been slower than anticipated.

The GAME source also said that the new PS3 SKU will debut in the UK tomorrow rather than the listed date of 29/8.

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LightningPS35719d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

WTF. Too much bad news recently.

Edit: I'm just kidding. I don't even believe this crap.

mohib-uddin79865325719d ago (Edited 5719d ago )

Remember this is the Xbox 360 60 GB

Not X360 as a whole

TOO PAWNED5718d ago

bad news or good news should not be reason to sell or buy console dude.

Caxtus7505718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )


Denial? Why would you not believe it? It isn't as if a product not selling is so beyond comprehension that you are forced to think it is fake. It is only a games console after all.

I think consumers are looking for a price drop rather than a bigger hard drive. If consumers wont pay £200 for 20GB then they wont pay £200 for 60GB. 40GB is nothing to them.

They are waiting for the price to fall.

5718d ago
AAACE55718d ago

Lost respect when I saw the words "have been have been"

With no price cut, and without the new games that are coming down the pipe... this is no surprise! Now if they get the rumored price cut in sept., plus some of the titles released in sept. and sales still don't rise... Then MS has a real problem!

Plus, europe seems to like the Ps3 more than the 360. With it's nice design and great technology and some games that people are looking foward to... I think MS may have to do alot more to ramp up sales in that area, such as a price cut and more games on the platinum hits list or something.

mohib-uddin79865325718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

Oh i forget something? 20GB Premium is now 60GB

So the 60GB is the new premium !
Wow this is bad especially for the uk since its the only EU country 360 sometimes outsells PS3

orakga5718d ago

That's basically what I've been saying about the 160GB PS3 as well. It appears that neither MS nor Sony have a clue as to what's keeping the rest of the world from purchasing their products; PRICEPOINT!!

Sure, "more choices" are better than no choice, but when all the choices are too expensive for the average gamer, who cares of the new $500, $600, $700 model is the "best deal evar!!11!!1!@", right?

The only people who would notice the benefit already bought their systems anyway.

5718d ago
CrazzyMan5718d ago

so what do you people expect now? =))

anyway, it`s strange, there was no big boost after 20GB model going 299$ in USA, and now new 60GB model also isn`t getting great sales either..

while new core 80GB PS3 model is getting better acceptance atleast on amazon, it has far better place in best sellers, then the new x360 60GB model. Same goes for uk.
looks like, price is no more a factor for x360.

LossTheEarthbreaker5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

"Now if they get the rumored price cut in sept., plus some of the titles released in sept. and sales still don't rise... Then MS has a real problem!"

Damn right.

They forgot all about keeping their exclusives close and continually releasing.

Even Nintendo has three times the amount of exclusives upcoming.

MS has really started to show their true colors in this industry.

They are here for the $$$$.

I'll still buy Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean 4, and Tales of Vesperia.

Maybe even Banjo if it's good.

Halo Wars can go fack right off. The 360's lineup is terrible compared to the competitors.'

(Gears 2 will be on PC, so who f'ing cares, especially when the sequel looks exactly like the first game)

@CrazzyMan above: I just had my 360 RROD for the second time and I won't get it back (could be a brand-new console, could be the same with a replaced dvd-drive and motherboard) til tomorrow. They haven't fixed the RROD problem in the old consoles. Eventually, all old ones will RROD and then it will be "fixed," unless you work in the department to do with money in the Xbox division. MS has spent well over a billion recovering from RROD.

They did, however, extend the warranty for people who have this problem

Their customer service also kicks ass.

I weep for when I have to call Sony to get a replacement PS3. (lol, like that would ever happen for free)

TheMART5718d ago

To the one above me:

So Nintendo will release exclusives, but who cares, all games are bad on the PS3 besides a handfull of 1st party games. So they'll probably release a lot of sh!tty games. NICE

"They are here for the $$$$."

Surprise surprise! THEY'RE ALL IN HERE FOR THE $$$$$
Why do you think Nintendo moves so many boxes with Wii's? Yes even the good old Sony wants your dollars/euros'

Gears 2 on PC, why are you so sure? Epic sales with UT3 on the PC sucked donkey balls. They already announced the Unreal Enige 4 to be console only, not on PC anymore. They easily could keep Gears 2 XBOX 360 exclusive so the game won't spread on PC's illegaly so fast. Furthermore, with Gears 1 they got PC gamers to get to know the new IP. Imagine if they gonna sell Gears 2 on 360 only. All those PC gamers that loved Gears 1 will buy a 360 if Gears 2 won't come over to the PC!

orakga5718d ago

My comment was not meant to compare the PS3 price against the 360 price. Rather, what I was saying that BOTH consoles need to focus on bringing the price down, rather than adding more harddrive space to justify their respective "high" price.

Look, people who still haven't bought a PS3 or 360 are clearly not serious (console) gamers, right? They are either parents who are looking at the next X-Mas present or people who can't afford to (or simply don't want to) spend over $300 for a videogaming system. And for them, the extra harddrive space is not going to make them change their mind.

THAT was the point.

fermcr5718d ago

@TheMART at Xboxkings

Yes it's true... i am one of them

Played Gears and fable in the pc and loved them, and i just got a xbox for gears 2 and fable 2... among others.

SpaZaA5718d ago

Unfortunately for many within the next year the 3 year warranty will expire, look to your last comment as to how Microsofts customer service and cost of repair will be after that point.

I expect my PS3 to work for at least 6 more years, right next to my still working 1st SKU PS2.

season0075718d ago

all games?

whatever, i don't want to comment on the "all games are bad on PS3" side coz its obviously wrong...

On the other side hey, Sony does get enough first party game to fill your hands FULL...not just a few of them

make sure you know what you talking about the FART

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SmartPS3Owner5719d ago

I'm a Smart PS3 owner, no one wants a piece of junk.

TOO PAWNED5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

at least Europeans wont but i dont agree that 360 is junk, it is good system worthy opponent.

theKiller5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

seriously did any body think other wise?? i just said this few moments ago in the 360 news about the price cuts before i see this news and here it comes true!!

360 = epic fail just like the epic RROD!!!
i feel sorry for the bots and MS!! they r loosing even their own homeland to the power of the blue!!
ps3 is sh*ting on 360 now

why so serious bots??

LOL!! yup but i think he was sh*ting on a special 360 that doesnt do this......

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

Apologies about the wording of "have been have been" error.
Didn't notice it in time. :( "

Don't worry, it sounds better when you say it Twice!!! ;-D

"Sources from major game retailers GAME and Gamestation are reporting that sales for the latest SKU in the Xbox 360's lineup...
have been
have been
have been
have been
have been
have been
have been(sounds better each time!!!) ;-D
slower than anticipated"

Hmm...Strange that??? Because a xBot on this a few days ago(who stole my Bubble because he has 100 other names i bet)said when the xBox 360 60GB comes out in the U.K it will sell LOADS???(And he was making out it will be up there with the Wii!!!) ;-D
Ooooops!!! Don't look like it...er...erm...whatever his name was!!!

@theKiller ;) That Dogs gonna Burn it's @SS!!! ;-D

Caxtus7505718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

@ 1.3

Point taken haha. I couldnt edit it in time.

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kalistyles5719d ago

Do it! You wont regret that move.

LossTheEarthbreaker5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

til you want to play Geometry Wars, Braid, or... JRPG's.

to Mao below:

Truth. There's very little to look forward to on the 360, which sucks.

Good thing my friends and I still play Geometry Wars 2 every weekend since release. Don't think that'll last through the year, though.

It's really unfortunate, they need some exclusives to compete.

Anyone who has both knows what the deal is, like Mao here. PS3 is where you go in multi-platform titles now.

360 has to announce NEW games to become competitive again.

Mao5718d ago

360 = RPG machine

PS3 = multiplayer/entertainment application machine

Works good folks!

mohib-uddin79865325719d ago (Edited 5719d ago )

I see a "downfall of xbox360 video of hitler" in the future?

mohib-uddin79865325719d ago

However i have to admit i have bad eyesite

Microsoft_Spokesman5718d ago

Why are you talking to yourself?