PSP 3000 will only be available bundled with software in Europe

Those of you looking to upgrade your existing PSP to a PSP 3000 this October, prepare yourself - the console will only be available to buy in a package bundled with software.

Speaking to uk.playstation.com SCEE President David Reeves broke the news that those of you looking to pick one up at launch will be forced to buy some software with it.

"We're going to introduce PSP-3000 in October, and this will be sold initially as part of a bundle, with a piece of software. During this period, PSP-2000 will remain as the base PSP model."

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI5716d ago

I highly doubt this will be $400+ in NA.

aiphanes5716d ago

The price will be the same as the PSP-2000...The PSP2000 will be discontinued as of now...and in october the PSP3000 will be released.

Darkiewonder5716d ago

Yes for North America but for Europe it's bundles only unless they plan to make an official statement [if there isn't one] about this.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI5716d ago

thank god, thanks for info, I was planning on picking one up soon too.

Cajun Chicken5716d ago

*Punches fist in air*

wait; "FIFA 09, Buzz! Master Quiz or Harry Potter"?
Oh God, you could of at least given GoW:CoO with it, sigh. Guess I'll take Buzz.

In October I will have a new PSP! YAY!

ultimate9205716d ago

Do you even care about the new model?

I sure as hell don't, since I have the 1000 model and was pissed that a new model was coming up...

Enjoy for those that are planning on buying the 3000, I'll stick with the original, know that at least I'm okay with it and don't regret buying it...

Max Power5716d ago

i also have the 1000 series, and i am interested in the 3000, but i think i would only get it if something happened to my 1000. I think i am just gunna stick on to the 1000 until it dies an get a new one, or wait until the psp2 comes along.

Sitdown5716d ago

because I can take advantage of my protection plan and get it without paying anything extra. I wonder if the new screen will have anything to do with bluray movie's being streamed or watched on the psp anytime in the future. Speaking of the future......does anybody know if Home will have any functionality on the psp?

badz1495716d ago

I already have 2 PSP-1000(black&White) but I still want a PSP-2000! I played my friend's PSP slim and that really made me want it so badly! then this PSP-3000 announcement came to surface, which made me thinking twice! it's going to be released this october, right? I think I can wait.

ps: Dark Alex will be all over this! I bet he's giggling and mumbling waiting for this new PSP to come! he already has the 'key' for 1000 and 2000 firmly in his plam and he'll never let 3000 stay 'unharmed', if you know what I mean!

Homicide5716d ago

I have a PSP-2000, and the new screen sounds pretty awesome. I'm buying one and selling my slim.

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Perjoss5716d ago

I'd consider buying one if they had added a second analog stick, would have been perfect for the new resistance game, its going to be FPS right?

LossTheEarthbreaker5716d ago

It's third-person, actually.

And from what I've seen, the game looks damn easy because you basically aim by keeping enemies in a giant box in the middle of the screen.

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anast1d 16h ago (Edited 1d 16h ago )

Quite being abusive to the workers and hold management accountable.


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Has Reportedly Sold About Half of What FF7 Remake Did in the Same Timeframe

The acclaimed open world action RPG is "underperforming" where its sales are concerned, according to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad.

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raWfodog2d ago

“Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Has Reportedly Sold About Half of What FF7 Remake Did in the Same Timeframe”

Makes sense to me since the current PS5 base is about half of what the PS4 base was when FFVII Remake released.

There were about 113 million PS4’s in consumers hands worldwide in 2020 when FFVII Remake was released (towards the beginning of COVID lockdown no less).

PS5 sales currently sits at about half of that (50-something million. We are not in COVID lockdown so many people are not as bored as they were 4 years ago and not in a rush to buy every video game coming out at release. Some PS4 owners may not have upgraded to PS5 yet and therefore can’t buy the sequel yet. And, of course, some who played Remake just might not be interested in Rebirth.

It just seems pretty disingenuous for an analyst to ‘analyze’ a situation when there are so many mitigating and unequal factors involved.

OtterX2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Yes, this and also finishing part 1 of the Final Fantasy Remake trilogy weighs heavily on it too. There's always a huge percentage of gamers who never finish the games they purchase. It's not always due to lack of enjoyment, but also life priorities etc. But factor that into the knowledge that Rebirth is a straight continuation of the story, and enjoyment lies heavily on having finished the first, you can begin to understand why not as many players jumped in. But absolutely too, the lesser install base of the PS5 played a huge role!

jjb19811d 22h ago

I started the game when it came out, played about 2/3 of the way through and finished the rest in the last month before rebirth came out. There are just too many games and too much adulting to do.

Eonjay1d 9h ago

It sold about half... with about half as many PS5s available as PS4 had when it launched in 2020. So... the tie ratio is about the same. As PS5s continue to sale it should eventually match Remake. It's a really good game.

fr0sty1d 7h ago

I think there's going to be another wave of buyers that purchase the game once the third part of the trilogy is released, especially if they release it as a bundle.

jambola2d ago

Excuse me sir
Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad said this 🙄

Obscure_Observer1d 23h ago

"Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad said this 🙄"

That guy is director of research & insights at Niko Partners.


But he shouldn´t be trusted according to some "trust me bro" N4G random. Smh