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Tom Clancy’s The Division puts you in the shoes of a secret agent who’s trying to restore order to a destroyed Manhattan.

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topherphillips1583d ago

Very disappointing review.. Its sounded like the reviewer was reading from a script!.. (probably bundled with his copy of the game from Ubispft)

Not a single mention of ANY criticism of the game, unless it was backed up with "But Ubisoft should have fixed that by now"....

What about the fact that each enemy takes an ENTIRE clip to put down OR just about every surface sucks you onto it like a black hole and you cant get off, OR if an enemy charges you theres NO MELEE (WTF!!!) so i have to run backwards to try and shoot him, OR you cant crouch OR 90% of the time in battles its reload, reload, reload, reload....

Yes, its an amazing open sandbox but what im talking about are GAMEPLAY issues... i played the Beta and got so annoyed by it i deleted it after the first day.

You want to see how gameplay is done correctly? play MGS5 The Phantom Pain....

Something VERY fishy going on with this game... not a SINGLE website ANYWHERE had a review (it was all "in progress")...until BAM! there scores all came up at the same time.

Yours, annoyed.......

Luismacintosh1583d ago

Reviewers got the game at the same time as the public did, that's why the reviews are up later than usual. I stated that I didn't like the story at all, didn't even catch my attention. Enemies take multiple hits to down, this is an rpg, not a traditional shooter. As far as I know, there's a melee button, I'm able to perform it with the middle click on my mouse. My opinions are my own, if I was being bought out for a good review I probably wouldn't have disclosed getting a free copy of the game wouldn't I?